Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening
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  • Friedrich's Newsletter - September 2011 by Friedrich Grohe Go-to

    Dear Friends, It’s been 21 years since my first annual newsletter to friends and family, and 15 years since that relatively small newsletter evolved into The Link. Now that The Link is no longer...

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  • Meeting Krishnamurti by Larry Rosenberg and Madeline Drexler Go-to

    Q: Let's talk about the influence of Krishnamurti on your life and on your teaching.A: To begin with, although he died in 1986, he is still very much alive in me. He's in my bones. Of all the teach...

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  • Friedrich's Newsletter - September 2014 by Friedrich Grohe Go-to

    During Krishnamurti's last talks at Saanen, in 1985, he said that the spirit had left the valley and had gone to Brockwood Park. Earlier this year, while walking at Brockwood with a mature student ...

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