We like to believe K was talking about what we don't understand but need to. We give him the benefit of the doubt because we know we're confused and deluded and hope that he wasn't. This immature approach serves us well until we can think for ourselves, at which point we can take his words with the same grain of salt we take anyone else's.

The idea of seeing clearly and acting intelligently, selflessly, is tantalizing. Who doesn't want to live like that? If someone can direct me toward that condition, that radical transformation, I'm all ears and wagging tail and I gobble down the verbal kibble my master serves up until I realize that I'm just regurgitating it. It's all a lot of talk about "understanding", and I don't understand what that actually means.

My diet of K kibble, my reading and re-reading and reciting and parroting and quoting and paraphrasing his words has brought me to the realization of what I am, freed me from my master and placed me in my own self-recognisance. I am thought, and there's no escaping it by aping someone else's thinking and using their words. Understanding, seeing through the known, is just a word until the known is seen for what it is.