Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

August 2009

01 Is there an entity apart from the self, which looks at the self and dissolves the self?

02 Is there a breaking of that pattern in which we live? Or do we just carry on day after day, adding a little more, taking away a little more, and at the end of one's existence feeling regret that one has not lived differently?

03 The 'observer' exists only when you accumulate in the observation;

04 We must find out - if it is possible or not - whether there is a different dimension, a different approach, to life altogether.

05 A satisfactory explanation, or a comforting belief, can put you soothingly to sleep; but is that what you want?

06 Religion as it exists is not religion at all.

07 Religion, surely, is the uncovering of reality. Religion is not belief.

08 To observe every experience that one has, doubt that very experience, doubt that very thought, doubt that very feeling

09 It is curious how strong is the desire to be recognized, to be applauded.

10 t is futile to waste time over what another is thinking, or what you imagine he is thinking -

11 You must approach the problem with a clear synthetic mind, free from prejudice, vanity and superstition -

12 Criticism is only of value in so far as it trains your observation so that it can eventually be turned on yourself.

13 We are so self-centered, so occupied with our worries, with our own benefits, we have no time to observe and understand.

14 Isn't there some further step than just this observation that you talk about?

15 The moment you divide up life and think of its goal as something to be attained eventually in some distant future, the sweet purpose of this realisation is lost -

16 You tell us to observe our actions in daily life but what is the entity that decides what to observe and when?

17 Thinking is materialistic, it is a process of matter.

18 The other day someone said that he was a "Krishnamurti-ite", whereas so-and-so belonged to another group.

19 Through attachment the inevitable darkness of fear is waiting

20 Most of us want to be occupied; otherwise we shall feel lost, otherwise we do not know what to do, we will be lonely, we will be confronted with what we actually are

21 Can there be honesty - that is, clear insight, seeing things as they are - if there is a principle, an ideal, an ennobled formula?

22 we never see the world as a whole because we are so fragmented, we are so terribly limited, so petty

23 What is death? Surely, it is the complete cessation of everything that you have known

24 To deny all morality is to be moral, for the accepted morality is the morality of respectability, and I'm afraid we all crave to be respected - which is to be recognised as good citizens in a rotten society.

25 Most of us are so weighed down by the known, by the yesterday, by the memories, by the `me', the `self', which is but a bundle of memories accumulated yesterday, having no actual existence in itself.

26 As long as mind is caught up in belief, there is no understanding, there is no freedom.

27 We should go into this question of freedom and enquire whether it is at all possible to be free, or if it is an ideological utopia, a concept which has no reality whatsoever.

28 What a strange thing is loneliness, and how frightening it is! We never allow ourselves to get too close to it; and if by chance we do, we quickly run away from it.

29 Please don't deal with all these factors like fear, pleasure, sorrow, love, and so on as something separate from each other. You must approach this whole thing wholly, not fragmentarily.

30 Can you and I, live with what we actually are?

31 Attachment is self-deception, it is an escape from the hollowness of the self.