Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

October 2009

01 Tolerance is a civilized acceptance of the division between people.

02 Respectability is a curse;

03 Meditation is like the breeze that comes in when you leave the window open;

04 I think it is very necessary that you and I should not merely either accept or refute anything I am going to suggest.

05 We condemn others, and that very condemnation is a justification of ourselves.

06 Only in total freedom does bliss exist.

07 Breaking through is not a matter of time.

08 Except for the human beings, it was a new day; nothing was like yesterday.

09 the explanation is never that thing which is explained, that is the word is never the thing.

10 Right education is a mutual task demanding patience, consideration and affection.

11 We don't love children, because we have no love in our own hearts. We just breed children.

12 Why do we give such deep significance and meaning to the unconscious? - for after all, it is as trivial as the conscious.

13 Thought shattering itself against its own nothingness is the explosion of meditation.

14 When you realize the truth that it is only the quiet mind that sees, then the mind becomes extraordinarily quiet.

15 Your experiences, your inclinations and motives, all that is the movement of the past, which is knowledge.

16 ...when knowledge interferes in the discovery of the new, there is no discovery of the new.

17 Meditation is really very simple. We complicate it. We weave a web of ideas around it, what it is and what it is not.

18 A mind that is capable of measuring is capable also of illusion

19 The sadness of life is this - the emptiness that we try to fill with every conceivable trick of the mind.

20 What happens when the`thinker' sees that he is the thought - which he is - that the experiencer' is the experience?

21 All one's education, all one's past experience and knowledge is a movement in becoming, both inwardly, psychologically as well as outwardly.

22 We have reduced the vastness of all this to some petty little reactions.

23 There must be a total attention, in which there is no sentiment at all, no emotion.

24 The fundamental issue is whether the brain cells, which have been conditioned, can really bring about a mutation in themselves.

25 The worship of authority, whether in big or little things, is evil, the more so in religious matters.

26 It is the fear of being nothing that compels us to accumulate;

27 Can the mind live, be vital, energetic, full of depth, without attachment? Of course it can.

28 If one does not know what meditation is, true meditation, I think one misses everything in life.

29 It would be foolish - would it not? - to deny evolution.

30 Is there anything new in your teaching?

31 Why have we created psychological time?