Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

January 2010

01 Whatever you do is an activity of escape. That is the most essential thing to realize.

02 Man is a total process. The totality must be understood and not merely a part, however temporarily important this part may be.

03 If you find the garden that you have so carefully cultivated has produced only poisonous weeds, you have to tear them out by the roots;

04 We are as war-minded as ever, we hate some other group of people, we despise this political leader and support that, we are duped by organized religions, we are nationalistic, and our miseries continue;

05 When there is love there is no duty and no responsibility.

06 For me, revolution is synonymous with religion. I do not mean by the word 'revolution' immediate economic or social change; I mean a revolution in consciousness itself.

07 If relationship is based on mere usage, is there any relationship, except the most superficial, between the user and the used?

08 We are always trying to identify ourselves with our race, with our culture, with those things which we believe in, with some mystical figure, or some saviour, some kind of super authority.

09 One takes comfort, security, in any form of illusion. And man apparently needs many illusions.

10 You have only one head, care for it, don't destroy it. It's so easy to poison it.

11 With most of us, the difficulty is that we are unaware of our escapes. We are so conditioned, so accustomed to our escapes, that we take them as realities.

12 An intelligent mind acts in the field of thought intelligently, sanely, without resistance;

13 The shallow are ever afraid of what they are; but what they are is the truth.

14 We have divided life into dying and living. And this division has brought about great fear. And out of that fear we invent all kinds of theories, very comforting, may be illusory, but it is very comforting, illusions are comfortably neurotic.

15 Without innocence, it is impossible to be happy.

16 Followers are those who want power through knowledge, through enlightenment

17 To worship another is to worship oneself; the image, the symbol, is a projection of oneself.

18 The 'me' is created by thought and the 'me' says: "I am independent of thought".

19 The negation of all values, of all morality, of all beliefs, having no frontiers, cannot be in opposition to anything.

20 Meditation implies a mind that is so astonishingly clear that every form of self-deception comes to an end.

21 To walk alone, unimpeded by thought, by the trail of our desires, is to go beyond the reaches of the mind.

22 Why do we want an attitude? What does attitude mean?

23 The poison and corruption begin when you look to one person as your authority, your guide, your saviour.

24 There is a vast difference between a preoccupied mind and an active mind.

25 When there is no naming, only then is it possible to be fully aware of that which is called the void of loneliness.

26 Is silence to be cultivated, carefully nurtured and strengthened? And who is the cultivator? Is he different from the totality of your being?

27 The observer is also the image, only he has separated himself and observes.

28 We are saying: Be dead to love; it doesn't matter. Live entirely in your intellect and in your verbal manipulations, your cunning arguments.

29 In Asia they believe in reincarnation; that is, the believer is born over and over again until in time he becomes perfect.

30 Death isn't some horrific thing, something to be avoided, something to be postponed, but rather something to be with day in and day out.

31 One has to find out the meaning of living, not merely giving an intellectual significance to it, but looking at what it means to live.