Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

March 2010

01 To pursue the known in different forms is a game of self-deception, and then the meditator is the master, there is not the simple act of meditation.

02 There was no observer listening, pitying, and walking behind them. He was not part of them out of love and pity; he was them.

03 Self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom.

04 As long as we go on climbing the ladder of success, there will always be the sick and the unfed.

05 As long as you think time and thought are necessary, in the psychological world, in the world of the self, in the world of psyche, in the world of inside the skin, then you will be perpetually in fear.

06 Everything we see, every thought we have, shapes our mind; whatever you think now, whatever you have thought in the past and whatever you are going to think in the future, it all shapes the mind.

07 We all need a quiet mind, a peaceful mind, an absolutely silent mind without a murmur of thought. Is that possible? Possible means we don't know.

08 Conflict at any level, at any depth, indicates immaturity.

09 That is the nature of belief: taking for granted, accepting something to be true when your own enquiry, your own vitality, energy, has not found out, you believe.

10 Have the teachings attributed to the great teachers - Christ, Buddha, Hermes and others - any value for the attainment of the direct path to truth?

11 There is no essential difference between the old and the young, for both are slaves to their own desires and gratifications.

12 The 'me' can never become a better me. It will attempt to, it thinks it can, but the 'me' remains in subtle forms.

13 The mind is never free, pliable, for it is always anchored; it moves within the radius, narrow or wide, of its own centre.

14 I hesitate to say this because it sounds extravagant and rather childish: that the source of all energy had been reached.

15 War is the spectacular and bloody projection of our everyday living.

16 The energy which seeks truth creates its own discipline without any form of imposition; and as the river finds the sea, so that energy finds its own freedom.

17 Belief implies accepting as true what we don't know.

18 Life is not merely the 'me' in action, but the life of the animal, the life of nature, the child begging in the street.

19 You can't empty the mind, do what you will you can't empty it, because the desire to empty it is part of the activity of the self.

20 When the mind is aware that it is conditioned and does not battle against it, only then is the mind free to give its complete attention to this conditioning.

21 What do you mean when you use the term 'myself'? As you are many and ever changing is there an enduring moment when you can say that this is the ever me?

22 Don't change. It's very simple. If you want to remain as you are, carry on, nobody is going to prevent you.

23 It is one fact in life, we are all going to die. That is an absolute, irrevocable fact.

24 Life is a battle of ideas, a battle of influences, and your mind is the field of the battle.

25 In spite of your emphatic denial of the need of a guru, are you not yourself a guru?

26 To be fully aware of the present is an extraordinarily difficult task because the mind is incapable of facing a fact directly without deception.

27 Any change within the field of time is the same movement modified and continued.

28 Most of us do not want to die to anything, particularly to that which gives us pleasure, to the memory of things that we have known and cherished.

29 The religious mind is really a scientific mind - scientific in the sense that it is able to observe facts without distortion, to see itself as it is.

30 In the life we we generally lead there is very little solitude.

31 It is we human beings who are always concerned about death - because we are not living.