Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

August 2010

01 Strength is not the opposite of weakness; all opposites breed further opposites.

02 I must change because I know I am dull, stupid, envious, anxious, fearful, and every pleasure is vanishing, and I want to change so radically, so totally, that my mind is new.

03 There is a state without any change, in which there is a quality of shadowless movement

04 I am afraid we ordinary people also are trying in various ways to become something, but inwardly we are absolutely nothing.

05 Any movement on my part, any movement, conscious or unconscious is the movement of conditioning

06 Stillness cannot be cultivated, because if you cultivate a still mind, it is not a still mind, it is a dead mind.

07 When you see something clearly as being true - and clarity is always true - there is no other action but the action of clarity.

08 How can one stimulate a desire for freedom?

09 By adding little by little to the granary in the mind, you hope to become full, and to be able to meet life fully, wholly.

10 We refuse to accept life as it is in fact.

11 But we do not want the new, we do not want to be reborn. All that we want is to be made certain.

12 Learning is an active-present of the word, not the past-present.

13 With this cycle most of us are familiar, hope and despair.

14 Surely, truth is not something distant; truth is in the little things of everyday life - in every word, in every smile, in every relationship - only we do not know how to see it;

15 Most of us think one to be very serious when one is following a certain principle, a belief, an idea, or a formula;

16 Surely meditation is understanding - meditation of the heart is understanding.

17 A constant battle is going on within us, wearing us out in the process.

18 Thought is a very strange thing, is it not?

19 You are not listening, you are not learning, but accomodating, adjusting to what is being said.

20 To understand every mood, every sense of reaction, surely one must be aware without choice because the moment we choose, we set into motion a process of conflict.

21 You want to be led from one hope to another hope, from one longing to another longing, from one desire to another desire, from one satisfaction to another satisfaction.

22 A person is serious, earnest, passionate, intense, when he tries to comprehend or learn about the process of consciousness; that is, the whole of life.

23 A serious mind is concerned not only with the immediacy of all the demands of life but also with the resolution of all human problems, not at some future date, but immediately.

24 Whatever movement a conditioned mind makes, whatever movement a conditioned mind follows, it is still conditioned; therefore, one asks, can it remain completely with the fact alone and nothing else?

25 It is extremely difficult and arduous to express, and still not be caught in the net of words.

26 Anyone who wants to become something, whether in this world or the next, is ambitious.

27 What we call problems are merely symptoms, which increase and multiply because we do not tackle the whole life as one, but divide it as economic, social or religious problems.

28 I have no system. I think systems are pernicious things, because they may for the moment alleviate the problems, but if you merely follow a system you are a slave to it.

29 I am going to be purposely vague, because although I could quite easily make it definite, it is not my intention to do so.

30 It is easy to perceive what is, but to be free of it is another matter;

31 Merely labelling a state does not mean that we understand it; on the contrary, it is a hindrance to understanding.