Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

September 2010

01 Stillness is to be experienced from moment to moment; it cannot be gathered.

02 Why do we live with this sense of duality, opposing each other at all levels of our existence, resisting each other and bringing about conflict and war?

03 Neither cause nor effect is ever final, unchangeable - that would be everlasting enslavement and decay.

04 To live without comparison is to remove a tremendous burden.

05 Out of disorder comes order, and it comes about naturally, freely, easily, with great beauty and vitality, when you are directly in contact with disorder in yourself.

06 To be integrally intelligent means to be without the self.

07 You have a separate name and a bank account, but your consciousness is like somebody else, everybody else.

08 To be aware of the motives, of the influences, of the compulsions that force us to change, to be aware of them and to deny them is to bring about change.

09 We are always caught in this misery of an everlasting battle with ourselves and with society. That is a fact.

10 A mind that is seeking, craving, searching for wider, deeper experience, such a mind is shallow because it lives always with its memories, with its recognitions, and what is remembered, recognized, is not the new.

11 Most of us are discontented. For most of us, discontent is a tortuous thing.

12 It may be only that there is a questioning without an answer; and that, it seems to me, is far more significant than to put a question which has an answer.

13 The fact is not outside the field of the mind.

14 We see that our living, our action is always within the field of destruction, within the field of sorrow; like a wave, confusion and chaos always overtake us.

15 There is no release from conflict until there is an understanding of what is.

16 For love to be, memory, with all its complex processes, has to come to an end.

17 Love is neither personal nor impersonal; it is a state of being.

18 We are talking about something entirely different: freeing the mind of all ideals, and therefore of all contradiction.

19 Be what you are, whatever it is; and be aware of that. You will see an extraordinary transformation taking place immediately.

20 The man who has found, has really not found; the man who says he knows, never knows.

21 Love has nothing to do with sentiment. Love is hard, in the sense that it is crystal clear and what is clear can be hard.

22 Through negation the positive comes into being.

23 I am confused, torn by my own desires, so I say to myself, 'First clear up your own confusion. Perhaps you may be able to discover what love is through what it is not.'

24 The word 'innocence' means 'incapable of being hurt'.

25 Sirs, when you love something with your whole being, there is no self-contradiction.

26 Do we know what love is? Never knowing it is the wonder of it, the beauty of it.

27 When desire and pleasure are not associated with love, then love is intense.

28 The negative we are talking about is a denial of the opposites altogether.

29 If you understand yourself then you will have the wisdom to deal with another.

30 It is only when you are pursuing pleasure, as you are, then everything goes wrong.