Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

November 2010

01 Life is not what we would like it to be; life is not permanent at all.

02 You must be free from the sentimentality of emotion, which does not mean you must be free of emotion; on the contrary, you must have great intensity of emotion without being entangled in it.

03 If there is no seeking, will consciousness decay, become stagnant?

04 There are many layers of craving, and these layers put together, if I may so express it, make up self-consciousness, individuality, the ego, "I-ness", personality.

05 Effort is the very denial of understanding;

06 If you can free the mind from the idea of distinction, from the idea of opposites, your mind is no longer burdened, it is clear, it is ever watchful.

07 Thought will always fail in its attempt to discover, to experience that which is beyond time and space.

08 If I may be personal, I never imagined what Truth was, I never craved to possess it.

09 Can you and I put aside all the inherited racial accumulation, cease to be English or Hindu, cease to have religion in the sense of orthodoxy, dogmas, symbols?

10 Awareness is not a constant repetition of the idea that you must be aware, which becomes but a memory.

11 When you are studying something living, it is not a practice

12 Your mind is hedged about with barriers set up through your cravings, which are the result of sensation and perception.

13 You have to investigate the various patterns which make you copy, imitate, live on the verbal level;

14 Your task is much greater than the speaker's; it is not the other way round - which most of us are used to; the speaker does all the work and you just listen, agree or disagree, and go away elated, amused, intellectually alerted;

15 To be free of motive in action, you must be rid of collective and personal will.

16 If you know the art of listening, there is nothing more to be said.

17 As long as the mind is seeking further experience, it can only think in terms of sensation;

18 To become fully aware is not to yield to the layer after layer of craving, thinking you must go through all experience, which is but another sensation.

19 When one merely understands intellectually, verbally or romantically or emotionally, it is just nothing at all.

20 Responsibility is selfishness.

21 Thinking and feeling are to me the same, because I have lost the distinction of what you call thought and emotion.

22 The centre from which you think, the `me', the self, the ego, is a bundle of memories, and you are nothing else but that.

23 In the pursuit of an opposite, you create resistance.

24 Action must be a continual denudation, not a series of attainments, because that to which you attain becomes your limitation.

25 Any experience in the present - experience being the reaction of personal desire, which is craving - will yield to you its full significance, if you are watchful, alert.

26 Most people are continually trying to avoid facing their own emptiness.

27 To understand 'what is' requires a state of mind in which there is no identification or condemnation.

28 I say, do not assume anything.

29 What I am saying is not in any way philosophical, nor is it Western or Oriental thought expressed to suit modern minds;

30 Faced by conflict, confusion and misery, you break away from conformity, from imitation, in which lies insincerity, falseness, and you begin to think for yourself, thus increasing the conflict.