Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

December 2010

01 You have built up a system through centuries, based on competition and selfishness.

02 The present civilization is based on greed and individual competition; it cannot last forever, because it has no intrinsic value.

03 When you cling to your ideas, then you create a division and call it "my path".

04 There is entanglement as long as you have craving of any kind, even for truth itself, because craving creates distinction and so resistance, hindrance.

05 When you begin to cling to your ideas, then you create a division and call it "my path" and "your path".

06 In living itself is the supreme essence of truth, not in what one gets out of living.

07 It is only by discovering what you are, by knowing your innumerable deceptions, conceits, vanities, and your desire for power and conformity, that you become free.

08 How can you discern that which is true and lasting if your mind is always concerned with a future want, or impeded in its perception by the past.

09 When there is real affection, freed from personal attachment, then this much abused word "brotherhood" disappears.

10 What I have to say concerns the hindrances which prevent in you the instantaneous recognition of truth.

11 When the mind is attached to an idea or a belief, or to a past experience, it reveals the lack of intelligence.

12 I was never interested, nor am I interested now, in any theory, whether of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity or Theosophy.

13 You nod your heads in pleasant agreement, but if you really think, you will begin to weep.

14 Your conception of progress is a continual movement from one object of your craving to another.

15 As long as the mind is in any way constrained, it is unable to discern the many hindrances that impede true perception.

16 Wisdom is true intelligence, and true intelligence is the discernment of right value.

17 My talking to you will have no value unless as an individual you begin to wake up and become aware of the bars of your own prison.

18 Is there not a reality in the idea of a higher self?

19 There is illusion as long as there is a want, which is different from needs.

20 If you are intelligent, you will see that discipline is but a type of conformity.

21 There can be no intelligence which is the discernment of right value, as long as there is imitation and conformity, as long as there is the search for power and the pursuit of gain.

22 You cannot discuss that which is beyond all description, but you can discover and discuss the hindrances which prevent you from realizing that which is true and everlasting.

23 Wisdom is not acquired but is in the very action of living itself.

24 At present the pattern is more alive, the image, the theory, more alluring to you than your own creative, independent thinking and feeling, because you have made of that to which you conform, a living image.

25 All conformity to the pattern or ideas of another destroys completely your own creative energy, and hence the innumerable transient miseries in which you are caught.

26 I struggled and suffered and toiled before I came to the realization that in the process of acquisition there is sorrow.

27 To understand truly, the mind must be free from all sense of acquisition.

28 I am talking of that living reality in which there is utter freedom from all ideas.

29 If you understood me with your mind and heart, then there would be action and no discussion; and there would be no compromise.

30 Consider the working of your own mind and heart and you will see that in the pursuit of achievement and progress you are living in the past and in the future and never fully in the present.

31 Wisdom is born of the intensity of living, not of intellectual theories, whether they be true or false;