Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

January 2011

01 What is the value of a future reward or gain when you cannot live in the fullness of the present, when you have no depth of feeling, when your thought is circumscribed and suffocated by an idea?

02 In the pursuit of achievement and progress you create the essential and the unessential, whereas understanding lies in the discovery of the true significance of every incident of life, freed from the illusion of the opposites.

03 Truth, that living reality, cannot be understood through the worship of another or through the pursuit of an opposite.

04 To understand life, that is, your own conflicts, struggles and sorrows, no system, no Master, is necessary.

05 I am not giving you a system or a discipline as a way to end your conflict.

06 Because you play with life, you think there are innumerable facets to truth and glorify tolerance.

07 If what I say is destructive to any particular organization or society, then either that society is false or what I say is false; and it is for you to consider, to judge and to act without compromise.

08 You are forcing your mind to fix itself on an idea which is not born of innate and vital interest, because if it were, there would be no conflict, you would concentrate spontaneously and without effort.

09 You seek to know through words what God is, what truth is - that exquisite, untranslatable, inexpressible reality - so that you can escape from your own conflict in life.

10 You regard your daily existence as only a means, a way towards that ultimate reality, and therefore, your human experiences and sorrow lose their significance.

11 You are merely seeking an escape from the central struggle of sorrow, and in that escape you create new problems which have no intrinsic significance.

12 To free the mind of the past, become fully aware that you are a prisoner, and in that continual awareness you will no longer try to escape, you will no longer seek a solution, a way out.

13 I should like you to make a living discovery, not a discovery induced by the description of others.

14 There is no such thing in life as comfort and security.

15 What is the inner cause of the internal authority that you create for yourself?

16 The man who is bound either by an external or an inner law is confined in a prison; he is held by an illusion.

17 To observe means actually to be aware of the interference of thought;

18 You have rejected only the outward picture, and have created in its place an inner picture to which you are a slave.

19 Actually, there is no security in life - neither physical nor intellectual, neither emotional nor spiritual.

20 The minds of most of us are caught up in this idea of achievement, attainment, climbing higher and higher, that is, in the idea of choosing between the essential and the unessential.

21 Your action is always finite, always in terms of achievement, and hence that emptiness which you feel will always exist.

22 I can give you paint, brushes, and canvas, but you yourself have to become the artist, the painter.

23 Awareness does not result from the struggle to be aware; it comes of its own accord when you are conscious with your whole being, when you realize the futility of choice.

24 The importance of your action lies in the end which it achieves - not in the action itself.

25 Most people are caught up in the search for reward, in the attempt to escape punishment.

26 Action born of self-discipline, action born of fear or of the desire for achievement, is the cause of incompleteness.

27 When you become fully aware with your mind and your heart of the cause of incompleteness, then incompleteness ceases.

28 Only when mind is free from choice is there liberation.

29 Since your choice is always based on the idea of gain, there can be no true discernment, no true perception; there is only want

30 You must realize with your heart as well as with your mind that the cause of emptiness is craving.

31 Because there is in us a longing, a want, a craving, we cannot know true perception or discernment.