Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

February 2011

01 Creation is choiceless, as life is choiceless, as understanding is choiceless.

02 Why do you cling to the ideal of freedom when you are in a prison?

03 I shall have to say this so often that it will become almost a formula for you.

04 If you seek consolation, be honest, be frank, be aware of what you want and conscious that you are seeking it.

05 What I say is very simple. I say that authority is created when the mind seeks comfort in security.

06 Because you have not understood the whole significance of experience in the present, you establish artificially a principle according to which you resolve to live tomorrow.

07 Consistency is the sign of memory, memory that results from lack of true comprehension of experience.

08 Since you do not live fully in your daily life, you say, "I must have a future, more time in which to live completely."

09 Become aware of the cause that prevents you from living completely.

10 Why do you feel that you must meditate?

11 I am not talking about action that is merely impetuous, impulsive, thoughtless; I am talking about action that is complete, which is ecstasy.

12 Our whole effort is concerned with this superimposition of what we call right ideas on what we consider wrong ideas, and by this attempt we continually create a division in action.

13 You will say that I have given you no constructive or positive instruction.

14 You may strive for [that] spiritual height; but I assure you that, though you may appear to attain it, you will still experience the feeling of emptiness.

15 Whatever you try to do, you do intellectually, and therefore falsely.

16 Each one of you is conscious of a great void, an emptiness within you, and being conscious of that emptiness, you either try to fill it or to run away from it;

17 Instead of trying to understand the cause of suffering, you are constantly trying to conquer that suffering or to escape from it, which is the same thing.

18 What I am trying to explain requires an understanding that cannot be given to you through words.

19 There is no such thing as comfort in life, no such thing as security.

20 Anyone who tries to imagine what God is, what truth is, is but seeking an escape, a shelter from the daily routine of conflict.

21 When man has set up a security he meets every incident of life, every one of the innumerable experiences of life, with the background of that security

22 Man in general sees life only through the tradition of time which he bears in his mind and his heart; whereas to me life is fresh, renewing, moving, never static.

23 When we suffer we seek immediate consolation, comfort, and therefore there is no longer questioning; there is no longer doubt, but mere acceptance.

24 As long as the mind has not discovered true, living values for itself, there is limitation of consciousness, limitation of understanding, which creates the idea of "I".

25 When you realize that there is no such thing as comfort, no such thing as security, either in possession of things or of ideas, then you face life as it is, not with the background of intense longing for comfort.

26 Only when you realize that life, that free, eternal movement, cannot be met partially and with prejudice, only then are you free, without effort.

27 There is a way of living without effort, without the constant strain of achievement and struggle for success, without the constant fear of loss or gain;

28 The difficulty lies not in understanding me, but in understanding life itself; and that difficulty will exist as long as your minds are burdened with this consciousness that we call "I".