Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

March 2011

01 I feel that what I have to say is inherently right in itself. It does not depend on titles or degrees, revelation or authority.

02 It is in this continual battle of want, in this seeking of advantage from circumstances, that fear and darkness exist.

03 When we look to life as a school in which to learn, in which to grow, then we are dependent upon that self-consciousness

04 By aloneness I do not mean living apart from humanity. I mean that aloneness which comes from understanding, not from withdrawal.

05 To me, the root cause of ignorance is the consciousness of "I", from which arise conflict and sorrow.

06 Please understand what I mean by being individual; I do not mean individualistic.

07 Our very search for the understanding of life, for the meaning of life, our struggle to comprehend the whole substance of life or to find out what truth is, destroys our understanding.

08 Most of you are here because you think that I am going to help you solve your many problems, and you will be disappointed when I say that I cannot solve them.

09 The moment we have solved one problem, another arises, and so we continue to the end of our lives seeking solutions to an endless series of problems.

10 As long as there is a guiding principle in our lives to which we are trying to be true, there must be duality in action, and therefore a problem.

11 If you do not understand, if you apply what I am saying only to the other man, the man outside, then you are but increasing darkness.

12 You are not concerned with what causes suffering, but you are concerned with the way of escaping from that suffering into perfection.

13 What is it that we mean when we say a soul? An individual entity?

14 What prevents you from meeting life wholly is the continual action of memory, of a standard from which arises fear.

15 There is a vast distinction between intellect and intelligence

16 Your mind has learned to be careful, to be cunning, to act as a signal, to give a warning; therefore, you cannot meet any incident fully.

17 To you life is a process of accumulation, not a matter of living.

18 A man who is really living has no sense of accumulation.

19 If we are constantly looking to a future gain, to a future from which we shall derive advantage, development, greater strength for acquisition, then our action in the present must be incomplete.

20 We have made life into a school of continual learning. But to me life is not a school; it is not a process of gathering in.

21 The mind is continually thinking of gain, and hence it finds no meaning in the action with which it is occupied.

22 You look at the problem from the point of view of getting rid of something, of acquiring non-acquisition, which is essentially the same thing as desiring to acquire something, since all opposites are the same.

23 Do not try to be spiritual, for you do not know what that signifies at all.

24 When you understand the full significance of not desiring to gain, to accumulate, then there is no longer the struggle to get rid of something.

25 That you are awakened to suffering is but the indication that mind is trying to free itself from all standards;

26 You do not dissolve [that] limited consciousness; it dissolves itself.

27 How is one to live completely in the present, so that the mind is not perverted with past memories and future longing - which are also memory?

28 We are influenced not only by external conditions, but also by an inner condition which we develop.

29 To me the three are one - to think, to feel, to act - there is no distinction.

30 If you really long to change, you will change.

31 If you are kind to me because I can give you something in return, what significance has your kindness?