Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

April 2011

01 From my point of view, prayer, as it is commonly understood, has no value.

02 What can one do for another when that person is suffering?

03 Now, isn't it, after all, the mind that gives value to these terms fortune and misfortune?

04 Our very seeking for God or truth is an escape.

05 When all the avenues of escape which the mind has invented have been understood and blocked, there remains only suffering, and then you will understand it.

06 I can give you nothing.

07 An experience really understood frees the mind from all search for experience.

08 In attachment there is conflict which awakens you, stirs you, and in order not to be awakened, you long for detachment.

09 The mere pursuit of detachment does not reveal the shallowness of attachment, which can be understood only when the mind and heart are not escaping through the idea of detachment.

10 If you perceive and live completely in the very thing that you are experiencing, then this idea of change from the unessential to the essential disappears

11 In action born of choice there is no discernment, choice being calculation, a remembrance of incomplete action.

12 if you are fully conscious in your action - not as a watcher who only observes, but as an actor who is wholly consumed in that action - if you are fully aware of it and not apart from it, then the process of self-analysis does not exist.

13 I say that time does not bring you understanding; when you look to time as a gradual process of unfoldment you are creating a hindrance.

14 I have not studied philosophies or the sacred books. I am giving you of my own experiences.

15 The whole idea of following a discipline makes the mind and heart rigid and consistent.

16 I say that people do not need guidance; they need awakening.

17 Question: Is your experience of reality something peculiar to this time?

18 When you are awakened there is conflict, struggle. which you call suffering; but immediately you want to put away that struggle, that awakening;

19 When you have ceased to escape, when your mind is no longer seeking an explanation, which is but a drug, then that very thing from which you have been trying to escape reveals its full significance.

20 You have to believe in God only when there is no understanding, and you cannot have understanding by searching for it.

21 If you live completely, your actions may cause trouble; but what is more important: finding out what is true, or not disturbing others?

22 Question: Do you think that pure food has anything to do with the fulfillment of your ideas of life?

23 I have never said that one should be remotely disinterested, that one should be detached; quite the contrary.

24 Though we may think we have solved one problem, that problem again arises in a different form, so we go on through life solving problem after problem, struggle after struggle, without fully comprehending the full significance of our living.

25 There must be a complete reorientation of thought - that is, each individual must no longer be a cog, a machine, either in the social or the religious structure.

26 Perhaps some of you will say at the end of my talk that I have given you nothing positive ...

27 Questioning is right, but we have been trained not to question, not to criticize, we have been carefully trained to oppose.

28 If you would understand what I am going to say, I would request you to be really critical, not to be clever in your opposition.

29 Have [this] intelligent, critical attitude, not only with regard to what I am going to say, but with regard to everything in life.

30 Now I say, don't seek a new system, but rather examine the very system in which you are held, and then you will see that no system of any kind will bring about the creative intelligence which is essential for the understanding of truth or God.