Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

May 2011

01 I am not giving a new system of philosophy.

02 When there is fear there must be conformity.

03 The so-called religions give the pattern of conformity to the mind that is seeking security born of fear, in search of comfort;

04 Where there is a search for comfort, security, there must be a pattern, a mould, in which we take shelter, and therefore we begin to preconceive what God must be, and what truth must be.

05 Most of you who are religiously inclined, are in search of truth, and that very search indicates that you are escaping from the conflict of the present

06 Our religions throughout the world keep people apart.

07 There is only one truth, but you cannot go to it through any sect, through any religion.

08 Society is not some mysterious thing. It is what you are.

09 The whole system of society is nothing but possessiveness.

10 It is just sheepishness to be driven by environment to be possessive or non-possessive.

11 As beliefs separate people, condition people, keep them apart, so possessiveness, expressing itself as class-consciousness and growing into nationality, keeps people apart.

12 All nationalities are a means of war.

13 you must begin to understand, and therefore act, to discover what is false in the existing system, and thereby you will, as individuals, form a nucleus.

14 There is a strange despair in anger; for isolation is despair.

15 We lead a rather hideous and ugly life, trying to manage somehow to support the daily ills and the misfortunes that confront each one of us.

16 there are two things open to each individual, either to do patchwork, to reform, or bring about a complete orientation of thought, a complete change.

17 As long as there is not a radical, fundamental change, merely dealing with symptoms is not going to do anything.

18 So long as thought, and therefore action, is based on this idea of self-aggrandizement, or self-growth, or continually limited self-consciousness, there must be problems arising from this limited consciousness

19 To me, real reform, real change, real radical change of thought, lies not in the patchwork of reforming religions but in seeing the absurdity of religions.

20 As individuals, we are confronted with this problem, with this question, whether we will deal symptomatically, do patchwork, or bring about a complete change of thought

21 I hold that to have a belief is a limitation.

22 To really think, the mind must not be tethered to a belief.

23 You must find out what I have to say before you can say it is impossible.

24 To understand what I am saying is not very difficult. The difficulty lies in putting what I am saying into action.

25 There cannot be human, vital relationships, or living joyously in the plenitude of life in the present - which to me is the only eternity - so long as mind and heart are crippled through fear;

26 This idea that as people do not understand, therefore you must give them something they will understand, is really a clever way of exploitation.

27 Life is not a thing from which you learn, it is meant to be lived - to be lived supremely, intelligently, divinely.

28 Heaven knows, we have conflicts all day long, but we have trained our mind to be cunning, and so pass over these conflicts lightly, escape from them.

29 If you are a socialist, or any other person, you have certain prejudices, certain ideas, certain well-defined dogmas, and you meet life with that background, with those spectacles.

30 The very inquiry into the future shows that you are already dying.

31 We have rejected the external and are obeying the inward ideal which we have established for ourselves, and we think we have made tremendous progress.