Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

June 2011

01 We accept thoughtlessly or unconsciously so many conditions imposed by society or by religion, accept them as being true.

02 To live a natural life, full, spontaneous life, creative, intelligent life, you can only do that when you understand the false standards and the true standards of society, and have broken away from it because you understand their significance;

03 The mind can be free of its impediments only in full consciousness, when your whole being is active, aware.

04 To me, all ideals must be the means of alleviation of suffering, and, therefore, cannot possibly explain to you the reason of suffering.

05 We can talk about tolerance, which is an intellectual invention to keep you where you are and to keep me where I am, and try to be friendly.

06 To live in the world without exploitation, you must withdraw completely to a desert island.

07 To me, truth has no aspects; it is one, and that which is complete, whole, has no aspects.

08 To be a theist or an atheist, to me, are both absurd.

09 The people who believe so much in God are really not in love with life.

10 You are only conscious of yourself when there is a conflict.

11 A painter, a poet, a writer, an engineer, who really loves his work, to him life is not a burden.

12 Through friction, through continual conflict, memory is being created, memory as the "I" and the "mine", which becomes possessive.

13 Intelligence is necessary to be supremely happy and to awaken that intelligence, the mind must be free of environment.

14 Individuality, this consciousness, this limited self-consciousness, is a fact in life. It is a fact in your life, isn't it? It is a fact, but it has no reality.

15 In trying to find out if what I am saying is true, you will be rid of all authority, a pernicious thing.

16 Belief is merely an escape from the present conflict.

17 Surely our whole idea of the realization of truth or of living ecstatically is not continual accumulation of things, accumulation of ideas, accumulation of sensations.

18 To have true co-operation in the world, there must be no competitive search for self-security.

19 I wonder what people generally mean by meditation.

20 When your whole being becomes conscious of something which is poisonous, there is no effort to throw it out; you have already moved away from it.

21 You want to discover if patriotism is a poison; but if you identify yourself with either patriotism or the feeling of anti-patriotism, then you cannot discover what is true.

22 If you see a poisonous snake, you have moved away from it. You are not battling against it.

23 The instinctive thing in man is the appreciation of beauty, not to say "my country."

24 Patriotism is a disease, and when you begin to realize, become aware that it is a disease, then you will see how your mind is reacting to that disease.

25 Most minds have identified themselves with a belief, and therefore their thought is always circumscribed, limited by that belief or ideal;

26 Thought is like the waters of a river. It must be in continual movement. Eternity is that movement.

27 In the process of discovering, there is born intelligence, understanding; and that supreme intelligence is life itself. You don't want any more.

28 Cannot we conceive of a state when you have not got to fight for your existence?

29 If you know that you are empty, not try to run away, in that awareness your mind becomes very acute, because you are suffering.

30 Instinct has been so perverted, so bound by tradition, by authority, by environment, that you can no longer trust it.