Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

July 2011

01 listening to my talks, or reading what I have said, is not going to awaken intelligence or lead you to truth, to that ecstasy of life which is in continual movement.

02 Individually, we feel we have but to wait, let things take their natural course, and by some extraordinary means a new world will come into being.

03 Exploitation comes into being when individuals seek more than their essential needs;

04 We must begin to create intelligent opinion, and thereby we shall have a world where individuality is not crushed out, beaten to a particular pattern, but becomes a means of expression of life;

05 Why do we try to find out if there is a God ...? Is it not because we feel the insufficiency of living?

06 Need we, as human beings, belong to any sect, whether Muhammadanism, Christianity, Hinduism, or Buddhism?

07 Surely it is obvious how through education we are made to fit into a system where individual vocation is never thought of.

08 It is the savage who is continually at the behest of his wants, not the man of intelligence.

09 I hope you won't say at the end of my talks that you have found something, because the moment you have found something you are already lost;

10 Now what is the "yourself"? It is but the result, the product of environment.

11 If you look closely you will see that your search is nothing but a search for comfort and security and escape; not a search for understanding.

12 A real artist does not talk about his self-expression, he is expressing that which he intensely feels;

13 Conflict can exist only between two false things, between that supposed reality which you call the "I", which to me is nothing else but the result of environment, and the environment itself.

14 You have not solved conflict, you have merely shifted it by substituting a new environment, a new condition, which will in turn produce further conflict.

15 If you look into your lives, you will see that conflict is continually twisting, perverting, shaping your lives;

16 I do not want to give you examples and similes, because I want you to think it out, and if I give examples I do all the thinking and you merely listen.

17 in that state of acuteness of suffering, in that intensity of suffering in which there is no longer escape, the mind itself becomes intelligence.

18 If you experiment with this, you will see that I am not giving you theories, but something with which you can work, something which is practical.

19 One should bear in mind that what we call accumulation of sorrows does not lead to intensity, nor does the multiplication of suffering lead to its own dissolution;

20 Everyone is caught up in suffering and conflict, but most people are unconscious of that conflict;

21 If you are in conflict, naturally you must question the environment, but most minds have become so perverted that they are not aware that they are seeking solutions, escapes through their marvellous theories.

22 if there is intelligence, then environment has no value, no significance, because intelligence is then freed from circumstance, it is functioning fully.

23 There can be struggle only between two false things, conflict between the environment and the result of environment which is the "I".

24 If there is intelligence, then environment has no value, no significance, because intelligence is then freed from circumstance, it is functioning fully.

25 In order to fight, you must know what you are fighting, so there must be understanding of the fundamental, not of the divisions between the false things.

26 Some people believe that the "I" has had a birth in the distant past and will continue in the future. It is irrelevant to me, it has no significance at all.

27 Both suppression and self-discipline are based on fear.

28 The mind which is really intelligent is free of self-discipline, for intelligence is born out of the questioning of environment, and the discovery of the true significance of environment.

29 Intelligence is not born out of self-discipline or suppression.

30 Self-discipline implies a mind that is tethered to a particular thought or belief or ideal, a mind that is held by a condition;

31 In awareness there is no discipline.