Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

August 2011

01 Intelligence itself is so supreme that it is continually in movement and therefore there is never a static point which can create conflict.

02 You merely seek to adjust yourselves to a pattern, in order to escape from conflict or from your environment.

03 You know we have lost all sense of living normally, simply, directly.

04 Don't you also feel that a drastic revolution in the life of the individual is necessary?

05 Truth is to be found only when you are completely naked, stripped of your longings, hopes, securities;

06 It is fatal to meet life with the burden of certainty, with the conceit of knowledge, because, after all, knowledge is merely a thing of the past

07 Intelligence is detached from environment and therefore there is reason, thought, behind it.

08 The test of right action is in its spontaneity, but to act spontaneously is to be greatly intelligent.

09 To love is to be free - both parties are free.

10 Where there is intelligence, the mind is not conditioned by any environment, because it is all the time conscious, aware and functioning, and therefore discerning, perceiving the full worth of the environment.

11 Every struggle, every effort to attain liberation indicates an escape from the present.

12 To me there is no division between mind and intelligence.

13 The moment there is hope, longing, fear, prejudice, temperament, it conditions the mind, and that conditioning creates memory, which obscures the clarity of mind which is intelligence.

14 Timelessness is not a philosophical concept to me, it is a reality, and you will see that it is a reality if you experiment with what I am saying.

15 Where there is fear there must be discipline, compulsion, influence, domination, the search for power which the mind glorifies as virtue and as divine.

16 You have created disciplines, codes and authorities, and your life is moulded, controlled and shaped by compulsion of various forms and degrees.

17 The exploiter is the individual who uses you consciously or unconsciously, and you yield to him consciously or unconsciously, because you do not understand;

18 the individual builds up a romantic haven of escape in which he seeks compensation for the loss and suffering in the outer world.

19 What you call intuition is merely the unfettered fulfillment of your own secret hopes and desires.

20 What happens to a house whose walls you are merely decorating though its foundations are rotten?

21 When there is a craving, your mind is already clouded, is already perverted, because mind identifies itself with one and rejects the other

22 Suppose that you say to yourself, "I am not going to depend on another's experience, but will live by my own", then surely you have already created a mould for your adjustment.

23 When there is great conflict, great disharmony, when there is the full consciousness of emptiness, then there arises the search for beauty, truth and love to influence and to direct our lives.

24 To me religion is the false result of a false cause, the cause being conflict, and religion merely a means of escape from that conflict.

25 What is human nature? Isn't it itself the product of environment?

26 Perhaps you are merely trying to use my words as a means of escape; perhaps you are using my words, my ideas to fill your own emptiness.

27 You should stay away if you make of me a teacher, if you make of me your guide.

28 Why do you want to eliminate self-consciousness?

29 Man [is] imprisoned by innumerable walls, walls of religion, of social, political and national limitations, walls created by his own ambitions, aspirations, fears, hopes, security, prejudices, hate and love.

30 The man who succeeds in making himself comfortable in the prison we call successful, whereas the man who succumbs in the prison we call a failure.

31 Most people are forced into work, activities, vocations for which they are not at all suited.