Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

November 2011

01 Consciously or unconsciously, surreptitiously or openly, one begins to inquire into the purpose of life, and each one receives an answer from the so-called specialists.

02 The very inquiry into the purpose of life indicates the lack of intelligence in the present;

03 the mere desire to go through turmoil ever creates further problems, for there is no consideration of the actor or the manner of his action, but merely the consideration of the scene of turmoil as a means to get to an end.

04 The turmoil, the end, and the "you" are the same; there is no division.

05 Let us consider what this "I", this actor, this observer, this centre of conflict is.

06 The beginning and the end, the "you" and the goal, are the results of this self-protective mind.

07 each mind is making a tremendous effort to protect itself, and the end, the means, and the"you" are nothing else but the process of self-protection.

08 The illusion of economic security is shown throughout the world by these depressions, crises, wars, calamities, and chaos.

09 These walls of self-protection are the creations of the mind which, conscious of its insufficiency, builds these walls of protection, and behind them takes shelter.

10 You can find out the cause of insufficiency only through awareness.

11 To be aware is not to alter.

12 To awaken true intelligence we must first inquire into the many stupidities which cripple the mind and heart, and not seek a definition of intelligence;

13 You have many ideas concerning completeness of life and immortality.

14 Explanations and formulas offer only means of escape from conflict.

15 If you think that man is nothing else than matter to be conditioned, to be shaped, to be controlled, then there is nothing more to be said.

16 You have the exaggerations of the man who is turned outward and the exaggerations of the man who is turned inward;

17 Theories are of very little value;

18 The individual, as he is now, is nothing else than the exaggerated expression of environment, environment being the past and the present, the inherited and the acquired.

19 You are the result of your past and present environment, and what you express, calling it individuality or self-expression, is nothing but the expression of that conditioning environment.

20 Systems are but the crystallization of thought, and the group is but the expression of that thought.

21 Inherently, war is wrong.

22 To discover what is true one requires great intelligence.

23 To find out what is true, what is the significance of life, what is immortality, without which life becomes a chaotic triviality, a senseless, blind suffering, you must have intelligence;

24 this search for physical security expresses itself in possessions, with all its cruelties, exploitations, and the rather terrifying stupidities such as nationalism, class wars, racial hatred.

25 When there is complete nakedness, utter hopelessness, then in that moment of vital insecurity there is born the flame of supreme intelligence, the bliss of truth.

26 Immortality is a continual becoming, not of that consciousness which we call the "I", but of that intelligence which is freed from the particular as well as from the group, from that consciousness which creates distinctions.

27 Intelligence is the only solution that will bring about harmony in this world of conflict, harmony between mind and heart in action.

28 Instead of considering your neighbour, you should begin to find out how to experiment truly with yourself

29 If you are aware of your actions, you will notice that this is what is happening to most of you, that you are functioning through an established background of tradition, or of fear, and therefore increasing your conflict, your struggles.

30 You cannot accept my word for it: all you can say is that you do not know.