Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

December 2011

01 When life becomes a continual conflict between the opposites, then it is a meaningless and a stupid struggle.

02 Anything that we perceive directly, understand completely, leaves no scar on the mind.

03 To understand truth, God, the unknown, or whatever name you care to give to it, mind and heart must come unprepared, insecure.

04 It is only when the mind and heart are pliable, alert, and are not slaves to theories, certainties, assurances, that you begin to discover the barriers of memories as self-protective, defensive reaction.

05 Question: What should one do to get rid of loneliness and fear?

06 Question: You say that memory is a barrier. Why?

07 Question: How can I awaken intelligence?

08 If you examine, you will see that your mind and heart are held in a series of standards or values.

09 Instead of meeting life without any preconceived demands, you come to it with a mind and heart already prejudiced, almost incapable of swift adjustment, quick pliability.

10 Why have we this division of the essential and the unessential, the important and the unimportant?

11 It is the very essence of stupidity to escape from conflict through a series of established values, or through forming a new set of values.

12 Personal happiness does not exist.

13 Question: It is all right for you to talk about fundamental things of life, but what about the ordinary man?

14 When one fully realizes that prejudice or any other perversion is continually corrupting, twisting, the fullness of understanding, then one begins to be aware;

15 The freedom from acquisitiveness is not to be learned eventually, through postponement; it must be discerned immediately, and that is where the difficulty lies.

16 Question: You say that you are affiliated with no organization, yet obviously you are trying to make people think along certain lines.

17 You can only understand acquisitiveness, or any other problem, in its isolation, not by bringing it into comparison, into opposition.

18 To find out your needs requires intelligence, for needs are constantly changing, constantly renewing themselves.

19 When I speak in India I am told there that what I say is a western philosophy, and when I come to the western countries, they tell me that I bring an oriental mysticism which is impractical and useless in the world of action.

20 The full significance of what I am going to say can be understood only through experimenting and so through action.

21 We have created through the centuries many habits, traditions, prejudices, which prevent the individual from thinking completely, fundamentally, about vital human questions.

22 If you say you are seeking truth, you will become a prisoner to illusion, for truth can not be run after, searched out; it must happen.

23 We have to ask ourselves on what are our life, thought and action based.

24 If you really think about it, you will see that your whole life is based on the pursuit of individual security, safety and comfort.

25 There is no security, no comfort, but only clarity of thought which brings about the understanding of the fundamental cause of suffering, which alone will liberate man.

26 Curiously, if you consider it, religion which should denounce war, helps its furtherance.

27 The system which you call religion and which has been created through your own demand for security has become so powerful, so realistic, that very few free themselves from its weight of crushing tradition and authority.

28 As long as one is a slave to unexplored, unquestioned environment and values, both past and present, they must pervert the completeness of action.

29 Ignorance is the accumulation of the results of action through the many hindrances whose significance the individual has not wholly understood.

30 Question: Is it possible to live without exploitation, individual and commercial?

31 As long as this exploiting economic system exists, there must be war;