Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

January 2012

01 We all desire to help the world, but we never begin with ourselves.

02 As long as you do not begin to question and understand the significance of environment, of the many values which you have built up about you in self-protection and which are crushing out fundamental, creative thinking, naturally you must resort to many forms of stimulation.

03 Question: Do you believe in reincarnation? Is it a fact? Can you give us proof from your personal experience?

04 Question: How do you regard mediumship and communication with the spirits of the dead?

05 Question: In order to attain truth, must one abstain from marriage and procreation?

06 Both the believer and the non-believer in God and immortality are wrong, because the mind cannot comprehend reality until it is completely free of all illusions.

07 Exploitation ceases only when the mind discerns the falseness of security and is no longer ensnared by its own power of creating illusions.

08 Most people, after hearing me, say that I have only given them vague ideas which are not at all practical.

09 This closed prison of morality has become so powerful, so compulsive, that most individuals live in fear of breaking away from it, and merely imitate the rules and conduct of the prison.

10 You have to become intensely aware of the cause of this prison, of this continual building up of securities, comforts and escapes, in which the mind is engaged.

11 Question: Would mere economic and social revolution solve all human problems, or must this be preceded by an inner, spiritual revolution?

12 If wisdom could be acquired through a religious society or sect, we should all be wise, for we have had religions with us for thousands of years.

13 Question: I desire many things from life which I do not have. Can you tell me how to get them?

14 We have turned morality and discipline into a shelter for our own protection, without any deep significance, without any reality.

15 Question: I do not care what happens after death, but I am afraid of dying. Must I fight this fear, and how can I overcome it?

16 Imaginative flight is another escape from the problems of life.

17 Question: Are you preaching individualism?

18 The only actuality, the only reality that we can fully comprehend, is this confusion, this misery, this conflict, and to escape from this is but to create illusion.

19 Our present search for reality is nothing but the search for a greater and more magnificent illusion.

20 Ideals are merely illusions which give you hope and encouragement to avoid the present.

21 Most minds are pursuing the authority of beliefs and ideals, because they do not want to comprehend the present;

22 We have built up through many centuries an environment of such illusions as authority, imitativeness, beliefs, ideals, which give us the opportunity of subtle escape.

23 The very search for reality is an illusion, because it is but an escape.

24 Social philanthropy is giving back to the victim a little of what the philanthropist has ruthlessly got out of him.

25 The highest form of morality is to do a thing for its own sake, not for a motive or for a reward.

26 Question: Is there God?

27 Question: Are not priests necessary to lead the ignorant to righteousness?

28 To understand the flow of life, mind must be free entirely from finalities, from certainties, which are but the outcome of the desire for self-protection.

29 Question: Is not egotism the root of religious and economic exploitation?

30 I have been told that what I say is too complicated, too impracticable and impossible for daily life in which each one has to fight for his own living.

31 Living is the harmonious action of thought, emotion and work; and when these are in contradiction with each other, then there is suffering, conflict, disharmony.