Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

February 2012

01 If we can know for ourselves that which is false in our thinking, then we shall know naturally, without imposition, what is the true.

02 Our thought is based on habit, the habit of centuries to which it has become accustomed.

03 When there is true discernment there is the ecstasy of the immeasurable, which cannot be imagined or preconceived, but only experienced.

04 Why do you search out guidance and advice, why do you desire direction? That is the problem.

05 As you are unwilling to live completely, integrally, with vulnerable mind and heart, you have created a system which has become your master, a system that is contrary to and destructive of thought and love.

06 When there is the flow of action which is intelligence, then life is a continual becoming without the conflict of choice.

07 Will is the outcome of the conflict of choice, but discernment is choiceless.

08 Action is that unimpeded movement of intelligence, unhindered by fear, by compulsion, by the conflict of self-protective choice.

09 Question: If the intelligence of most people is so limited that they cannot find truth for themselves, are not Masters and teachers necessary to show them the way?

10 Question: Cannot man be liberated through science?

11 Question: I should like to know if we need to pray, and how to pray.

12 The only actuality of which we are fully cognizant, with which we have to concern ourselves, is suffering;

13 Most people have a certain background of tradition, prejudice, hope and fear which they put forward as a defence; and this, which is but opposition, they call criticism.

14 What I have to say is fundamentally simple, and not very philosophical, metaphysical or complicated.

15 My intention is not to put forward a new theory or a new system of thought, or a new practice of discipline, but to awaken that understanding of the present;

16 Religions, with their beliefs, dogmas and creeds, have become tremendous barriers between human beings, dividing man against man, limiting him and destroying his intelligence.

17 Question: What is your truth?

18 To live supremely, intelligently, we must find out for ourselves what are the hindrances or the prejudices that impede the free flow of reality.

19 We have the compulsion from without, and from within, which has been developed through our own desire for security, certainty, and which is continually perverting and twisting discernment.

20 When you begin to perceive that influence or authority in any form, gross or subtle. must pervert thought, then the mind, in freeing itself from its limitations, is capable of true discernment.

21 Truth is unique; it is not many-sided; it is complete.

22 Economically, man certainly cannot be individualistic, which he has been through these many centuries, causing chaos, exploitation and misery.

23 The mentality that renounces in order to attain something else can never find happiness;

24 When the mind dwells in an accustomed groove of thought, then there is no conflict, then there is no suffering, no awakened interest in life.

25 Question: What do you mean by "religion"?

26 If you are seeking comfort, then you will find comforters and be drugged into contentment.

27 Question: Do you believe in God?

28 It is only in moments of conflict, suffering, that the mind becomes conscious of its own limitation, which is called the "I;

29 Only a mind that is insecure will understand truth;