Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

March 2012

01 Thought is continually paralleling, guiding itself by the past, and adjusting itself to the future; thus action becomes incomplete in the present, which creates in our minds the idea of non-fulfillment.

02 The future is nothing but an escape from actuality, through an ideal to which we try to adjust the present, the immediate action.

03 I doubt, if I may say so, that you really understand what I am saying, even intellectually;

04 Illusion divides itself infinitely.

05 Sex is a problem because we have lost that creative force which we call love.

06 Karma, or the limitation of action in the present, is created through impeded consciousness of values, ideals, hopes which each one has not wholly understood.

07 If the mind discerns its own process of building up shelters and so avoiding life, then it will begin to disentangle itself from all unquestioned values which now limit it.

08 Should not traditions, beliefs, dogmas be questioned?

09 Question: How can you talk about human suffering when you yourself have never experienced it?

10 Why give more authority, more understanding to the dead than to the living?

11 If we destroy desire, there is death;

12 Immortality is not egotistic continuance at all.

13 Question: Is man in any sense superior to woman?

14 The continual process of awakening the mind from its own limitations is true experience.

15 To understand the deep significance of authority and compulsion. you need very delicate and careful thought.

16 Question: How can you prevent people from following you as their authority?

17 In order to escape from fear, you create faith.

18 Life is in continual movement, and a mind that is incapable of adjustment must inevitably suffer.

19 To understand life, with which, after all, we are concerned, we must not confuse theory with actuality;

20 Man is almost suffocated in the prison of false values, of which he is unconscious.

21 Religion, to most people, is nothing but a reaction against intelligence.

22 The individual, through search for his own security, has created through many centuries a system based on acquisitiveness, fear and exploitation.

23 Almost all people are unconscious both of the intelligence and of the stupidity about them.

24 We have many stupidities and limitations which are slowly destroying intelligence, such as ideals, beliefs, dogmas, nationalism and the possessive idea of family;

25 If you merely accept what I say and repeat after me that nationalism, beliefs, authorities are hindrances, then you will create only another authority and take transient and illusory shelter under it.

26 The constant conformity to a particular mould is the basis of our religious thought and moral action;

27 To discuss and intellectually discover what is intelligence would be, I feel, a waste of time and energy, for that would not lift the burden of ignorance and illusion.

28 You have to understand your own desire, which is creating authority and to which you are a slave;

29 For me, all religions are but defensive reactions against life, against intelligence.

30 The subtle desire for ideals and their permanence indicates that you want to cross the ocean of life without suffering.

31 A man who would understand truth must be free from the desire for security and comfort.