Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

April 2012

01 Question: Some say you are the Christ, others that you are the Antichrist. What, in fact, are you?

02 If you seek religious experience, then it must be false, because you are merely craving to escape from life and actuality;

03 To be truly free of fear, you must lose all sense of egotism; and that is a very difficult thing to do.

04 If we can understand the fundamental cause of our action and free it from its limitations, then action will inevitably bring about intelligence and co-operation in the world.

05 You are not going to miss a spiritual opportunity by not coming here.

06 One creates one's own authority when there is the desire to protect oneself or take shelter in a hope or in an ideal or in a certain set of values.

07 Question: Do you think that the exploited and unemployed should organize themselves and destroy capitalism?

08 If you truly thought about it you would see that our love is based on possessiveness.

09 The function of real suffering, which is to awaken intelligence, is denied through the search for comfort.

10 I am not promising you a future paradise on earth, but I am telling you that you can make of this world a paradise by your own intelligent awakening and action, by your own questioning of those things about you that are false.

11 The idea of the soul is based on authority and hope.

12 Each individual is nothing but a series of conditioned memories, which impede complete and intelligent adjustment to the living, moving present.

13 Action born of a reaction, of a symptom, without understanding the cause, must lead to greater conflict and suffering.

14 You must discover according to what moral standards you are acting; whether your action is the result of compulsion, of tradition, or of your own desire to be safe, secure.

15 You must find out whether war is essential, whether war is the most intelligent way of solving political or economic problems.

16 I believe that I have no attachments whatsoever, and still I don't feel myself free.

17 To examine anything objectively, your mind must be completely impersonal.

18 Your virtue, if you really examine it, is based on the egotistic idea of warding off suffering.

19 Your traditions and your beliefs are shelters under which you take cover in time of trouble.

20 A man who is trying to fall in love shall never know love.

21 If your mind is aware of its own creations, then you will discern how you have established for yourself guides, values, which are but memories, as a protection against the incessant movement of life.

22 What is the use of my giving you another explanation, or giving you another belief to add to your museum of dead beliefs?

23 To most people, the Orient is something mysterious and spiritual.

24 It depends on the way you look at life, as to whom you call a criminal.

25 It is very good of you, sirs, to have invited me and I thank you for listening to me.

26 To create a truly collective movement, there must be the awakening of the individual. I am concerned with that awakening.

27 We are the result of compulsion and imposition, moulded into a particular pattern, the pattern of tradition, of certain values and beliefs, of fear and authority.

28 You have this mould, this environment of which almost all of us are unconscious, for it is part of us; it is the very expression of our desires, fears and hopes.

29 Question: Is it possible to live without some kind of prejudice?

30 If you follow anybody, it does not matter who it is, you are creating further compulsion, further limitation, and so destroying intelligence, true fulfilment.