Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

May 2012

01 When you do not love your neighbour, you talk about the ideal of brotherhood.

02 Question: What do you mean exactly by "incomplete action"?

03 If you are merely followers, you cannot know the rich plenitude of life.

04 Fear is so subtle. so swift, so cunning, that it hides itself in many places.

05 If one attacks your particular vested interest, your immediate response is to be on the defensive and to retaliate.

06 Experience becomes valueless to a man who merely uses it as a means of further self-defence against life.

07 You are really looking for an exchange, and so there is no deep understanding which alone can destroy all cages and limitations.

08 Please do not think that by calling me an anarchist or communist, or by giving to me some other convenient name, you have understood what I have said.

09 What happens when you seek security, certainty?

10 You will find true happiness, fulfilment, reality, only when you come into conflict with the values that now oppress and limit the mind.

11 Question: Do you really believe everything you say?

12 Question: Do you think the League of Nations will succeed in preventing a new world war?

13 How can one be in love with life?

14 Life is chaotic, conflicting, full of pain, and we think that, if we can find an ideal, then we shall be able to guide ourselves across this aching turmoil.

15 Most of us think that through a continual series of experiences, the mind can free itself from all its many limitations.

16 There is either deep understanding or the creation of mere theory.

17 Truth, the beauty of reality, can be discerned only when the mind is fearless; not with the fearlessness of intellectuality, but of utter insecurity.

18 Where there is the disturbance of our security through the action of life, that we call suffering.

19 If anyone were to describe reality, it would no longer be real.

20 If you desire to understand environment, not only the objective but the subjective which is so infinitely subtle, then you must individually come into conflict with it.

21 To control, to possess, we have certain laws which we call moral.

22 Where there is a continual adaptation to the movement of life, truth, there is never fear.

23 When the mind is stagnant, drugged to sleep by beliefs, crippled by limitations, and is awakened by the movement of life, that awakening we call suffering.

24 If you want to help man, which is yourself, then you will see to it that you are not exploited through your own stupidity.

25 Question: Do you hold back from the public something of what you know?

26 If a thing is false, it is false for everyone, under all circumstances.

27 What really awakens intelligence is action without the fear of not adjusting oneself to a standard or an ideal.

28 Our cravings are so strong, our egotistic self-protective impulses are so vital, that our very want blinds us.

29 Question: Have you attained to what you are in this life, through a series of past lives?

30 I do not belong to any sect or party or to any particular religion, for religion is a distinct hindrance to man's fulfilment.

31 For most people, what they call reality or God or happiness is merely an escape from suffering, from this continual tension between action and understanding.