Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

June 2012

01 To speculate and intellectually draw conclusions as to whether God exists or not has to me no deep significance.

02 Question: Will I reincarnate on earth in a future life?

03 This is one of our religious prejudices, that life is eternally perfect. You know nothing about it.

04 There can never be a goal, a finality, because life is a continual becoming, and that becoming is immortality.

05 All action born of a closed mind and heart must create conflict and suffering.

06 We have to realize profoundly, not casually or superficially, that no one particular person or system is wholly going to solve for us our agonizing problems and clarify our complex and subtle reactions.

07 The mouthing of such words as truth, God, perfection, can have no deep significance and import.

08 True search can begin only when we do not separate mind from emotion.

09 In pursuit of an illusion, one often feels an exhilaration, an emotionalism; but when one examines this emotional structure, it is nothing but a limitation, the building up of walls of refuge.

10 I am not asking you to believe what I say, nor am I subtly making you follow me in order that you may be exploited.

11 Through authority, imitation, born of fear, mind creates for itself many false reactions and thereby limits itself.

12 Often this question is put to me: Why do you emphasize the individual and not consider the mass?

13 If there is to be a clear reflection, the mirror must not be distorted, its surface must be even and clean.

14 If we are to understand life wholly, completely, we must bring the unconscious, through experience, through experiment, into the conscious.

15 Until the mind-heart is deeply, profoundly conscious of its own process, its own power to create illusions, there cannot be discernment.

16 To understand and awaken [this] harmonious intelligence, one must begin, not with assumptions and authoritative assertions, but negatively.

17 When you are really able to think without any craving, without any desire to choose - for choice implies opposites - there is discernment.

18 If the mind tries to free itself from these limitations because of compulsion, reward or punishment, or because it is sorrow-laden and so seeks happiness, or for any superficial reason, its attempt must inevitably lead to frustration and confusion.

19 When people say that they believe in reincarnation, in immortality, in God, these are but emotional cravings which to them become objectified concepts and facts.

20 The "I" is not a separate entity, as most of us think;

21 Agreement does not mean thoughtless acceptance or tolerance, for tolerance is superficial.

22 I feel it is very important and necessary that one should not have within oneself any barriers which create division, disagreement.

23 Gradually we allow ourselves to take sides, to attack and defend.

24 What is happening is not intelligent and sane agreement among people, but it is a war of belief against belief, doctrine against doctrine, group against group, vested interest against vested interest.

25 My talks are not intended to engender beliefs or ideals, which can only offer you an escape.

26 I have realized that the moment there is an assertion, its very significance is lost.

27 Now, when you face the inexplicable, faith comes to your aid and asserts that there is a God, that he has created us and we are his instruments, that we are transcendent beings, with a permanent identity.

28 If you have beliefs, you are translating and moulding your experiences according to them, and so you are continuously forcing and limiting thought-emotion, and these limitations become the "I" process.

29 No saviour nor the worship of another can liberate you; your self-imposed disciplines and self-created authorities are of no avail.

30 I try to express my comprehension of life as clearly as possible, and it is difficult.