Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

August 2012

01 There are two kinds of will - the will that is born out of desire, want, craving, and the will that is of discernment, comprehension.

02 It requires strenuous and right effort not to be caught between the opposites, renouncing and accepting.

03 From my point of view, to kill is fundamentally evil, as it is evil to exploit another.

04 You want me to describe to you what is pure action; such a description you would call a positive teaching.

05 To discover for yourself whether you are caught in [a] self-created prison, and to be free of its subtle influences, demands great discernment and right effort.

06 Ideals act merely as standards of measure; and as life defies measurement, mind must free itself from ideals so that it may comprehend the movement of life.

07 The very joy of right effort opens the door to intelligence.

08 To live simply is the greatest of arts.

09 In the wake of ambition there is constant dissatisfaction, destruction and emptiness; for in the very moment of success there is a withering, and so a renewed urge for further achievements.

10 I have no private teaching; I have no private classes. What I say here to the public, I repeat in my conversations and interviews with individuals.

11 I have said that there is energy, force, unique to each individual. I have not qualified it; I have not said that it is superintelligent or divine.

12 One is wholly uncertain; or else one is so hedged about, bound by particular concepts and forms of belief, that one refuses to consider what is really true.

13 For a man who is truly uncertain, there is hope;

14 [The] process of escape from actuality, from uncertainty, must lead to illusion, abnormality, neurosis and unbalance.

15 [This] vital state of uncertainty, without the desire to escape from it, is the beginning of all true search for reality.

16 In completely discerning the "I" process, you cease to be a victim who struggles alone in an emptiness.

17 What is important is to know oneself, and not what is beyond oneself.

18 If action is the result of a prejudice, of fear, of some belief, then that action produces further limitation.

19 Memory acts as a resistance against the movement of life.

20 Although you may think that you are experiencing the actual, you are really experiencing your own wishes, and these wishes become so real, so concrete, so definite, that you take them for actuality.

21 As you are prejudiced you have to become aware of that fact before you can begin to discern what is actual and what is illusory.

22 In merely responding to a reaction and thinking that it is the full expression of one's being, there must be frustration; and where there is frustration, there must be emptiness and suffering.

23 Intelligence, which has no concern with the conception of security, arranges the well-being of the whole and not merely of the particular.

24 [Fulfilment] is the fruition of deep comprehension of your own existence and actions.

25 The actual process of the "I", the ego, can be discerned in perceiving how through ignorance, tendencies, cravings, it is reformed and its continuity re-established at each moment.

26 The comprehension of [this] process of ignorance and its self-sustaining activities, of this consciousness focussed in and perceptible only to the individual, can alone bring about deep, abiding bliss to man.

27 The mechanistic view of life deprives man of the true experience of reality.

28 Faith has led man away from this world into a world of conjectures, hopes and idealism, thus aiding him to escape from conflict and confusion.

29 Reality is to be comprehended only through the "I" process, as consciousness, from which arises individuality.

30 You and I are the results of that energy which in the course of its development creates those prejudices, tendencies and cravings that make each individual unique.

31 To understand life and to have true values, you must perceive how you are held by the opposites, and before rejecting them, you must discern their deep significance.