Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

September 2012

01 Awareness is not occupation with one's own thoughts and feelings.

02 Fundamentally, vicarious experience cannot have integral value.

03 How can a system keep you awake, or anything else except your own intensity of interest, the necessity of keeping awake?

04 One has to be aware, extremely alert, to see whether one is merely living according to an ideal, principle, or standard, which indicates the lack of real understanding of the present, and an escape from actuality.

05 Authority is pernicious, not only the authority imposed by another, but also that which is unconsciously developed through the accumulation of self-protective memories, the authority of the ego.

06 Question: Do you discard every system of philosophy, even the Vedanta which teaches renunciation?

07 Meditation is the constant discernment of what is true in the actions, reactions and provocations of life.

08 We are concerned, however, with those who are seriously attempting to comprehend life, with its miseries and apparently ceaseless conflict.

09 The mechanistic view of life, rejecting everything that is not perceptible to the senses, maintains that man is a mere creature of reactions;

10 Discernment is that state of integrated thought-emotion in which all craving, choice has ceased; it is not a state induced through mere denial and suppression.

11 The mind has become merely a record of the various lessons of experience.

12 There is the will of want, which is effort, and the will of comprehension, which is discernment.

13 Awareness is constant discernment of what is true.

14 This "I" process, about which I have spoken, can be to you but a theory. To discern its actuality you must experience it.

15 We are here to understand for ourselves that process of consciousness focussed in each individual

16 What is thought, what is mind, what is that consciousness which is hidden in living matter?

17 Please bear in mind that what to me is a certainty, a fact, must be to you a theory, and the mere repetition of my words does not constitute your knowledge and actuality; it can be but an hypothesis, nothing more.

18 All life is energy; it is conditioning and conditioned, and this energy in its self-acting development creates its own material, the body with its cells and sensation, perception, discrimination and consciousness.

19 All of us are in some measure caught up in suffering, whether economic, physical, psychological or spiritual.

20 Intelligence is not a gift but can be cultivated, awakened, through alertness of mind and choiceless life.

21 The comprehension of reality, truth, comes with the cessation of sorrow.

22 From what source do our daily activities spring?

23 Awareness is not that directive power of a higher comprehension over a lower, which is but a trick of the mind, but that choiceless comprehension which is the outcome of persistent action without fear and want.

24 Discernment is direct perception, without choice, of what is, and to perceive directly is to be free from the background of want.

25 The cultivation of virtue is not intelligence.

26 That which is capable of growth is not eternal.

27 Do not seek the bliss of reality, for the mere search for reality only leads to illusion, but comprehend that process of thought, consciousness, focussed in yourself.

28 Your show of respect to me only indicates a mentality of barter.

29 Where there is want, there must also be accumulative memories, self-protective calculations, which give to consciousness, continuity and identification.

30 Consciousness is the conflict of innumerable wants.