Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

October 2012

01 Want creates duality in thought, and when one want creates suffering the mind seeks the opposite of that want.

02 Suffering, from which we are ever trying to escape, can lead us to the comprehension of the "I" process, to the profound knowledge of oneself, but all escapes into illusion must cease.

03 Unless there is the vital provocation of life, most of us are apt to comfort ourselves to sleep and so allow unconsciously the "I" process to continue.

04 One can wholly eliminate fear, it is not a fundamental part of life.

05 The questioner has not understood what I mean by awareness.

06 To bring this "I" process to an end, there must be the consciousness of suffering, not the mere conception of suffering.

07 The change in will is submission to the authority of ideal and conduct. The change of will is discernment, intelligence, in which there is not the conflict of antitheses.

08 There are many organizations for peace, but there are very few individuals who are free, who are intelligent in the true sense of the word.

09 I wonder how many of you are vitally conscious of this conflict in the battlefield of the mind.

10 One can condition the mind through training, discipline, and compulsion, but such conditioning cannot nourish thought or awaken deep intelligence.

11 The process of choice is merely one want overcoming another, one illusion dispelling another, one set of values substituting itself for another.

12 Memory is ever conditioning the mind and creating for it an environment of values in which it becomes a prisoner.

13 You will know what is freedom when you are deeply conscious of the walls of your prison, for that very awareness dissolves the self-created limitations.

14 There are the few who, comprehending the self-sustaining process of ignorance, have brought it voluntarily to an end. And there are the many who have almost escaped from the actual; they cannot discern the real, the everbecoming.

15 I am afraid that many of you who hear me often but do not experiment with what I say, will merely acquire a new terminology, without that fundamental change of will which alone can free the mind-heart from conflict and sorrow.

16 I have tried to explain that conduct born of compulsion, whether it be the compulsion of reward or of punishment, of fear or of love, is not right conduct.

17 Most of us imagine that beyond and above the mind there is reality, that beyond and above this consciousness of conflict and limitation, pleasure and sorrow, there is truth.

18 When you reject authority and seek freedom from it, you are but seeking the antithesis; whereas true freedom, the intelligent and awakened state of mind, is beyond opposites.

19 You should not withdraw from life to consider life.

20 Do not let us concern ourselves about what is cosmic consciousness, truth, and so on.

21 What we have to understand is, not what kind of restrictions, scientific or religious, should be placed on wants and sensations, but how to bring about deep and enduring fulfilment.

22 To discern the actual, the real, mind must be free of opposites.

23 The past is the background of conditioned thought-action which is dominating and controlling the present and thereby creating a predetermined future.

24 You have to discern that the "I" process, with its fear and illusion, is transient, and so can be dissolved.

25 Many of you subtly believe ... that without the "I" there cannot be activity, there cannot be love, and that with the cessation of the "I" process there can only be annihilation.

26 Become aware of the "I" process.

27 We are the mass, conscious of some of its stupidities and cruelties but mostly unconscious of its overpowering prejudices, false values and ideals.

28 Profound change of will can come about only when there is the deep comprehension of the "I" process.

29 Please do not look to me for a panacea, a system, or a mode of conduct;

30 If you are able to perceive the actual without any desire or identification, then in that very perception of the false there is the beginning of the true.

31 If you can perceive for yourself that ideals, beliefs, traditions, values, are constantly twisting your thought-action, then by becoming aware of these distortions intelligence is awakened.