Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

June 2013

01 To understand any problem we must give our undivided attention to it.

02 We understand all this intellectually, with that thin layer which we call the conscious mind, but we are still caught up in tradition, opinion, convenience, fear and so on.

03 When we become aware of ourselves we find that we are in a state of self-contradiction, of wanting and not wanting, of loving and hating and so on.

04 We cannot assume anything, can we?

05 When the mind is creatively empty - not when it is positively directing - there is reality.

06 When I use the terms positive and negative I am not using them in opposition to each other.

07 Love transcends the friend and the enemy.

08 The desire to become, without understanding duality, is a vain struggle;

09 We must become aware of this complex problem of duality through constant watchfulness, not to correct but to understand;

10 Freedom from the opposites is only possible when thought-feeling is able to observe without acceptance, denial or comparison its actions and responses;

11 In understanding myself, I shall understand my relationship with another, with the world; for in me, as in each one, is the whole;

12 The study of yourself is extremely difficult for you are very complex.

13 Compulsion of any kind will nullify its effort.

14 I would like to suggest a way but don't make of it into a hard and fast system, a tyrannical technique or the only way, a boring routine or duty.

15 It is natural, is it not, to be depressed at this present time when there is so much killing, confusion and sorrow?

16 If we do not understand our own make up, our own psyche, our own thought-feeling, then how can we understand anything else?

17 Don't you see it is like this: we are out on a voyage of discovery.

18 Right thinking is the outcome of how to think, not what to think.

19 Without self-knowledge, to make a choice between the opposites must inevitably lead to further ignorance and sorrow.

20 To experience the immeasurable, the unknowable, mind must go beyond and above itself.

21 Craving, through identifying memory, creates the self, the me and the mine.

22 To merely deny craving, to merely oppose its many expressions is not to transcend it but to continue in it.

23 Begin with the known, with the trivial, the limited, the confused;

24 Questioner: Last Sunday I understood from what you said that we do not take time from our jobs, family, activities, to study ourselves. This seems a contradiction of your former statement that one can be aware in everything one does.

25 One might ask what are you doing, are you not a sign post?

26 What is important is to become aware of every thought-feeling, from which arises self-knowledge.

27 Questioner: Did you seriously mean what you said when you suggested last week that one should retire from the world when one is around forty-five or so?

28 Questioner: Is awareness only possible during waking hours?

29 Questioner: I am already an introvert and it seems to me that from what you have been saying, is there not a danger of my becoming more and more self-centred, more of an introvert?

30 It is difficult to with stand the constant pressure of modern civilization unless one is constantly aware and so is discovering the treasures that are imperishable.