Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

August 2013

01 If we become aware and realize that we are thinking in terms of systems, formulas and patterns then thought-feeling, in freeing itself from them, is beginning to become pliable, alert and keen.

02 Without self-knowledge and right thinking there is no meditation and without meditative awareness there is no self-knowledge.

03 These talks will be utterly useless if you do not experience as you are listening.

04 If you would understand something do you compare it with something else or do you study it for itself?

05 If you do not compare, judge, then you will be confronted with yourself and this will give clarity and strength to uncover great depths.

06 Some of you may feel that as your sons, brothers or husbands are not involved in this mass murder, called war, you are not immediately concerned with this problem, but if you will look a little more closely you will see how deeply you are involved.

07 Change or reform merely within the pattern of duality produces only further confusion and pain and hence is retrogression

08 Is not the judge often as guilty as the accused?

09 We have over developed the intellect at the cost of our deeper and clearer feelings and a civilization that is based on the cultivation of the intellect must bring about ruthlessness and the worship of success.

10 Relationship is a process of self-discovery, in which there is wider and deeper understanding; relationship is a constant adjustment in self-discovery.

11 There is a permanent, unique answer only outside of the pattern.

12 Any becoming involves non-becoming and as long as there is becoming there must be duality with its endless conflict.

13 As long as the thinker is concerned only with the modification of his thoughts and not with the fundamental transformation of himself, so long conflict and sorrow will continue.

14 To cultivate the right instrument of perception thought must cease to condemn, to deny, to compare and judge or to seek comfort and security.

15 Our means of livelihood are dictated, are they not, through tradition or through greed and ambition?

16 Is it not important to understand and so transcend conflict?

17 Most of us are caught up in an endless series of inward conflicts and without resolving them life is utterly wasteful and empty

18 Does not conflict, the struggle to become and not to become, make for a self-enclosing process?

19 To renounce is to acquire and acquisition is the seed of conflict.

20 We can escape into some fancy which can be rationalized and made to seem real but nevertheless it is delusion; it is not made real by cunning explanations nor by the number of its adherents.

21 Condemnation, judgment and comparison do not bring the experience of understanding; on the contrary they will stop experience

22 Questioner: Will you please talk about death? I do not mean the fear of death but rather the promise and hope which the thought of death must always hold for those who are aware throughout life that they do not belong.

23 Is it not possible to be aware of what is?

24 Creativeness is something infinitely greater than the mere capacity to express;

25 Through the present the past is revealed;

26 Confusion and misery cannot be banished by the forgetful process of time, by the comforting idea of evolution which only engenders slothfulness, smug acceptance and the continuous drift towards catastrophe;

27 Each one must discover and experience Reality and in that alone is there joy, serenity and highest wisdom.

28 Does not the inner motive, private thought-feeling always determine the outer?

29 We falsely separate the thought from the thinker and so try to deal only with the part, to educate and modify the part, thereby hoping to transform the whole.

30 Will your hunger be satisfied through watching another eat?

31 Is conflict necessary for creativeness?