Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

October 2013

01 To find the right and lasting answer to loneliness we must first cease to run away from it, and this is very difficult for thought is ever seeking a refuge, an escape.

02 We translate all experience in terms of our own conditioning, the deeper it is the more alertly aware must we be not to misread it.

03 Questioner: I have had what might be called a spiritual experience, a guidance, or a certain realization. how am I to deal with it?

04 It is essential to be aware of your conditioning rather than to try to "do something" about the experience itself

05 We must be able each day to re-evaluate the ideals and patterns that we have brought into being.

06 Our conflict within and without arises, does it not, from the changing and contradictory values based on pleasure and pain?

07 It would be a comparatively simple matter to organize and distribute effectively if we were satisfied with our daily fundamental needs only.

08 A mind that is seeking security is ever in fear; it can never be joyous, it can never know creative being.

09 As long as we are using things, relationship or ideas as means to gratify our ever increasing psychological cravings, so long will there be contention and misery.

10 Many use various techniques to go beyond the reach of the means, but the means shape the mind-heart, and so in the end they become slaves to the means.

11 Without self-knowledge there is no foundation for right thinking; without right thinking thought-feeling cannot transcend itself.

12 Instead of trying to control these wandering thoughts become aware of them, think-out, feel-out every thought, comprehend its significance, however pleasant or unpleasant;

13 The mind is the result of the past, it is a storehouse of many interests, of contradictory values; it is ever gathering, ever becoming.

14 I wonder how many of you have really practised meditation? If you have, you will have noticed how difficult it is to be extensively aware without the narrowing down of thought-feeling.

15 If the mind is seeking a result, however noble and worthy, if it is concerned with becoming it ceases to be extensive and infinitely pliable.

16 Awareness is the process of freeing the conscious mind from the bondages which cause conflict and pain and thus making it open and receptive to the hidden.

17 Right meditation is very effective in freeing the mind-heart from its self-enclosing process.

18 The accumulation of memory is called knowledge; with this burden, with the scars of experience, thought is ever interpreting the present and so giving continuity to its own scars and conditioning.

19 Life is complex and painful, a series of inner and outer conflicts.

20 Conflicts in relationship build a wall of continuous resistance and instead of bringing wider and deeper unity create insurmountable differences and disunity.

21 To be is to be related; there is no such thing as isolated being.

22 Is not relationship a mirror in which, if we are aware, we can observe without distortion our private thoughts and motives, our inward state?

23 Questioner: How can I become integrated?

24 Must not thought-feeling transcend all conditioning to discover the Real?

25 Your tendency is to accept authority; you desire to be led; you look to others to direct your conduct.

26 We try to enclose the living Truth in gratifying patterns of thought-feeling and thereby destroy it.

27 Inspiration is sought in many ways but invariably it breeds dependence and fear.

28 If in the expansion of desire there is the cessation of sorrow then becoming could have significance, but is it not the very nature of craving to create and continue conflict and sorrow?

29 Do not depend on time but be arduous in the search of self-knowledge.

30 Cause and effect are inseparable; in the cause is the effect.

31 Is not the maker of the problem more important than the problem itself?