Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

December 2013

01 The ways of becoming are very subtle and till the becomer is aware of them he will continue to become, to be in conflict and sorrow.

02 Being is only when there is no effort, positive or negative, to become;

03 Should we not, as the questioner points out, be aware of the two kinds of memories: the indispensable, relating to facts and figures, and the psychological memory?

04 Without understanding oneself meditation becomes a process of self-hypnosis inducing experiences according to one's conditioning, one's belief.

05 Self-knowledge is a process of creative discovery which is hindered when thought-feeling is concerned with gain.

06 Is it not important for us to find out what it is we are seeking?

07 When we observe what is taking place in our lives and in the world we perceive that most of us, in subtle or crude ways, are occupied with the expansion of the self.

08 How is thought which has become the means of self-expansion to act without giving sustenance to the ego, the cause of conflict and sorrow?

09 If you are aware you will realize that your mind is constantly engaged in the activities of the ego and its identification; if you pursue this activity further you will find the deep seated self-interest.

10 Through speculation, through imagination you prevent the discovery of what is.

11 Questioner: Why must the I process be eliminated?

12 Surely, sir, we are not considering [now] an abstract truth

13 Is it not possible to be aware of our prejudices?

14 True meditation is not self-expansion in any form.

15 I am saying that there is a different way of life, a way that is not of self-expansion, in which there is ecstasy, but it has no validity if you merely accept my statement; such acceptance will become another form of egotistic activity.

16 Effort made to be free without the liberating action of Truth is still within the enclosing walls of the self.

17 We have been educated in a way of life which furthers the self, through achievement, through identification, through organized religion; this way of thought and action has led us to fearful catastrophes and untold misery.

18 Consciousness is the product of the mind and the mind is the result of conditioning, of craving, and so it is the seat of the self.

19 Questioner: Is intelligence the right word to use?

20 If you saw the truth about self-expansion problems would begin to fade away.

21 Conflict and sorrow come to us in different ways but the cause common to us all is self-expansion.

22 There can be happiness only when the cause of sorrow ceases; so happiness is a byproduct and not an end in itself.

23 We are afraid to look at ourselves as we are, we want to run away from the actual and this flight we call "progress" or the search for happiness.

24 We think that by constantly asserting we are the whole, we will become the whole; such repetition is self-hypnosis and to be drugged is not to be illumined.

25 The seemingly natural instinct for self-expansion is the cause of discontent and pain; it is the cause of our recurrent disasters, civilized ruthlessness and mounting misery.

26 To condemn or accept is to create resistance which hinders understanding.

27 How can mind that is the outcome of insufficiency and fear experience an activity which is not of the self?

28 Unforced receptivity is much more significant than the effort made to understand.

29 These discussions will have meaning only if we are open to the experience of discovery, which is prevented by our clinging obstinately to beliefs, memories, and conditioned prejudices.

30 An intelligence which is the product of desire, of self-expansion, is ever creating resistance, and it can never bring about tranquillity.

31 We shall know, as experience, the new form of intelligence only when the self-protective and self-expansive intelligence ceases.