Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

February 2014

01 Questioner: Is not this process of awareness, of self-unfoldment, another form of acquisition? Is not probing another means of self-expansive acquisitiveness?

02 Questioner: Is there anything that one can do to be aware?

03 Questioner: What happens to us at the end of the journey?

04 All speculation is a hindrance to understanding.

05 if we were aware of what is, then the truth of sorrow, of impermanency, of imprisonment would liberate thought from its own ignorance.

06 Questioner: Is there no such thing as creative thinking?

07 Outwardly thought is active, building and destroying, contradicting and modifying, renewing and suppressing; but within there is void and despair.

08 Whether positive or negative, the activity of craving is still within the framework of the self ...

09 If you have the capacity to allow thought to unroll itself fully then you will perceive that one thought contains, or is related to, all thought.

10 If you are interested in painting then every light, every shade has meaning; you do not have to exert to be interested, you do not have to force yourself to observe but through the very intensity of interest even unconsciously you are observing, discovering, experiencing.

11 The comprehension of the past lies through the present.

12 The desire to become, negatively or positively, is self-expansive and in the expansion of the self there can be no freedom.

13 What is known is not the Real.

14 All forms of becoming, negative or positive, cause conflict, resistance.

15 Questioner: Is there any difference between awareness and that of which we are aware? Is the observer different from his thoughts?

16 Questioner: How can I be on the defence against aggression without action? Morality demands that we should do something against evil?

17 It is truth alone that frees, not the activity of will.

18 Questioner: Why is memory an impediment?

19 Meditation as it is generally understood and practiced is a process of the expansion of the self; often meditation is a form of self-hypnosis.

20 Awareness flows into meditation; in meditation, Being, the Eternal, is experienced.

21 Verbally we are aware that there is a catastrophe.

22 There is a crisis in every phase of our life, physically, religiously, socially and educationally.

23 As this crisis is extraordinary, most people try to solve it by formulae, by systems either of the extreme left or of the extreme right.

24 It is as if we were standing near a precipice with our minds biased, and we have come to that bias through centuries of division, communal and social, rich and poor; divisions of formulae, organized religious divisions and so on have brought us to this appalling misery and 'confusion'.

25 Your state, your government, your religion, each one of these is bound to be confused because you are the State and you bring about your society.

26 Right thinking is not a formula. It is not based on any system.

27 The religious person will state that he is god, and the extreme left-winger that he is nothing but a set of reactions. Therefore they have reached conclusions and stopped all real thinking;

28 Obviously we have to organize a world-pool of food, clothing and shelter so that every human being in the world has enough, and I assure you it can be done, if scientists devote their time to it.