Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

March 2014

01 If our relationship is based on greed, competition etc., we will have Government that will represent us

02 In order to bring about a happy state for man, that is, for you and me, and since we do not live by bread alone, we have to understand the psychological factors, the complexities that exist in each one of us;

03 It is important for us to realize the fact that not someone else but we are responsible for this misery and no leader can transform it.

04 I feel that each one of us must discover or prepare the field so that Reality comes into being; because, Reality is the only solution of our problems whether economic, social, religious, or of relationship between ourselves

05 We want to discuss together so that we can see something which is beyond words, beyond emotional, sentimental or intellectual froth.

06 If you are not intelligent or awake, you meet each problem in a half sleepy state and you cannot therefore solve it

07 In discussing, we should become aware of our own ways of thinking.

08 Our problems are not static but ever-changing; to understand them, we should be as alert as the problems.

09 If you have a ready-made conclusion or hypothesis, it means that you have not understood life.

10 By accepting a belief, you exclude all other forms of thinking.

11 When the mind seeks safety, security - i.e. something concrete on which it can anchor - it has recourse to a conclusion or to a hypothesis.

12 Relationship is a living thing and as a living thing it is self-revealing.

13 As we have got a very difficult subject to deal with it requires a great deal of patience and we must not jump to conclusions.

14 Because we are too close to the problems such as poverty, the war that is coming, etc., we are incapable of real observation, and real study and understanding.

15 I am not here to give you ideas but on the contrary, I am here to discuss together with you if we can, seriously and earnestly, the problem of living.

16 There are only very few who can look at the canvas and get the whole significance of the picture and it is they who are the real saviours and not the specialists.

17 To understand life we must have an extraordinarily simple mind, not an innocent one, a very simple mind that sees directly everything as it is and not translated according to what it wants.

18 We are not to begin with a system; we are not to begin with an idea; we are not to begin with a revolution; we are not to begin with a theory; we must begin with ourselves, because we are responsible for ourselves.

19 In my talks and discussions the only starting point and the only essential point is you.

20 You believe and your belief is merely a condition imposed upon you because it gratifies you and gives you security in society, factually, psychologically and abstractly.

21 The more we read the more we repeat.

22 If you merely ask an intellectual question to trap me you may trap me but you will lose out.

23 To have peace you must live peacefully.

24 To whom are you praying? You say to God. But surely God or Truth is something unknown and which cannot be formulated

25 A man who prays can never understand what is meditation, because he is concerned with gain.

26 Question: You deride the Brahmins. Have they not played an important part in the culture of India.

27 Question: You have attained illumination, but what about us, the millions?

28 any form of conclusion, right or wrong, immediate or ultimate, now or final, or any form of working hypothesis consciously or unconsciously held, is detrimental to full comprehension or understanding of the whole process of existence.

29 What is awareness? There is objective awareness. Then, there is the emotional response to each other or to truth.

30 The sense of struggle and of not being able to do something creates frustration because there is in your mind an idea of achievement.

31 Any suppression or control whether right or wrong, is based on a pattern of behaviour; the mind, being thus controlled, is not free.