Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

April 2014

01 Truth can only come to you, you cannot go to it.

02 Though the right produces religion, worship, etc., yet if you look at it very deeply, you will see that ultimately it denies man's happiness because it produces wars, regimentation and an education that merely shows you what to think, not how to think; yet surely the organized society of the left also denies man's happiness because it is regimented.

03 "Transform society" is one of our catch-phrases, an easy assertion, that we must do something about the world as though the world were so different from ourselves.

04 It must begin with us, that is with you and me, not merely by saying 'I must begin', but in action, by becoming aware of what we are doing, of all the process and the repetition of ideas, and the absurdities in which we sometimes indulge, our class and communal divisions, national and racial divisions.

05 .. what is of primary importance is to be aware, so choicelessly, so penetratingly aware of every thought, every feeling that is revealed.

06 You think that you are thinking.

07 We use the present as a passage to the future.

08 Surely what I am saying is meant for all: for those who have renounced the world and for those who live in the world, for he who has renounced is still in the world because he is in the world of his own making, just as the worldly person is in the world of his own desires.

09 The means matters much more than the end.

10 You have [therefore] to start from the 'me' which is really the result of your senses. Thus you have to give the senses their right place.

11 Environment is the past in conflict, in modification, or in conjunction with the present.

12 Understanding is a total responsibility of your entire being, a perception which comes to you of the entire picture and not of a part only.

13 When the mind is dull, it is unwilling to look at 'what is' but wants to change itself into something else, thus bringing another element into the problem.

14 The recognition of 'what is' - i.e. to accept and see what you actually are - is in itself a transformation.

15 [Understanding] involves change of will altogether and not merely change in will.

16 Seeking security is an indication that you do not know what you are.

17 Awareness is not of anything abstract or being aware of Reality, God or Truth; we must be aware of what we are doing, what we are thinking and feeling.

18 The mind finds it difficult to know itself because it is full of conclusions and suppositions and because it is disciplined;

19 How can the mind which is restless and going swiftly backwards and forwards, be aware of its activities?

20 To understand anything, there must be observation.

21 ... self-knowledge has an extraordinary creative significance, if we treat it as an experiment, and not try to achieve a result;

22 I do not know if you have observed the process of your thinking; but if you have, you will see that your thought is always moving from the known to the known, or to an unknown of its own creation which it then pursues until it becomes the worship of God.

23 What do we do when we sit down and meditate?

24 What you know is not the truth and therefore when you create the known you only experience a process of self-hypnosis.

25 ... the problem is, whether it is possible to discover the unknowable, isn't it?

26 If the means is the known the end is the known.

27 The present is the door to time, to the understanding of time and the present exists in what you are thinking, not in the time indicated by the clock, the time-table, or your routine.

28 The means creates the end and if the means is the known then the end also is the known and therefore it is not the unknowable, the timeless.

29 Have you ever tried to be alone?

30 I do not believe in self-fulfilment, it leads to misery.