Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

May 2014

01 Question: What is the difference between belief and confidence?

02 You cannot overcome a hindrance; the hindrance has to be understood by approaching it without condemnation, without judging, without a desire to alter it.

03 ... the problem is 'you' and not outside you.

04 A truth, probably heard by you, ceases to be a truth when you merely repeat it; it will be a truth to you only when you, for yourself, have discovered it to be true.

05 If we tackle our desire for self-protection, then, there will be a transformation ...

06 We are so unaccustomed to discover for ourselves the process of our own thinking from which alone action takes place.

07 Whenever we seek happiness through something, the thing becomes important and not happiness.

08 After trying one set of relationships, one set of things, we move to another, from one page to another, hoping to find happiness and we never find it.

09 We have never asked ourselves whether happiness can be found through something, through knowledge, through contact or through God.

10 Self-knowledge is not an end in itself. It is like following a stream to its source. Is there a source to a stream? Surely not.

11 ... in order to begin following the stream of self-knowledge there must be a clarification of the conscious, that is one must be aware of what is consciously taking place.

12 all of us who really want to experiment, who really want to undertake the journey must free the thoughts in our conscious mind.

13 ... what we want first is that extraordinary beginning of taking a step.

14 Question: I have been told that you do not read any philosophical or religious literature. I can hardly believe this as when I listen to you I realize that you must have read or have some secret source of knowledge. Please be frank.

15 A path can only lead to that which is known and that which is the known is not the truth.

16 Is there any path to truth?

17 ... a man who really seeks reality must have devotion, knowledge and action.

18 The man who has committed himself to a particular path or action is caught up in systems and he will not find truth.

19 Is the left different from the right?

20 .... are they - the Communist and the Capitalist, or the Materialist and the Absolutist - the opposites?

21 You are this and you want to be that; you are ignorant and you want to be enlightened; you are arrogant and you want to be humble.

22 [There] is a constant battle between 'what you are' and 'what you would like to become'.

23 It is not 'practice' or 'progress step by step', which will lead to the cessation of greed.

24 Life is really both a challenge and a response, and if we do not know how to respond truly, there will be misery.

25 We have never understood the significance of Death.

26 In the unknown, there is no security because we do not know it at all.

27 To us, God is the ultimate continuance and Death the ultimate denial of continuance.

28 As long as the mind is moving from the known to the known, it is 'dead', and a 'dead' thing cannot understand anything.

29 So long as the mind is after the achievement of a result there is bound to be greed.

30 It is as though we are watching a mirror in from to us, which is not distorting our thoughts and our feelings and actions, but is showing exactly 'what is' and not what we would like them to be.

31 In understanding the process of self-protection which is primary, fear which is secondary, loses its significance.