Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

June 2014

01 I think it is important that we should understand the whole question of death because, in that, there is renewal.

02 As one cannot think of the unknown, one can only think of the known, the outcome of the thought which is the result of the past.

03 Continuity implied through a belief or through the soul is the product of thought and therefore it is the result of the known, because thought can only think of something which it knows

04 Memory is the residue left in the mind of insufficient experience;

05 When we are thinking about something beyond, it is also the process of the mind and therefore it is unreal.

06 To say that God is 'me' is incorrect as God or Truth cannot exist in contradiction ...

07 In order to bring about a renewal we must die; and that means we must start anew, putting away completely all memories of the past.

08 Thought is always moving from the known to the known, from memory to memory, from continuity to continuity, and it cannot think of the unknown.

09 We experience through the screen of the past and therefore there is no experience at all but only a modification of experience.

10 Meditation is thought freeing itself from continuity and then there is renewal, creation and reality

11 Meditation is thought freeing itself from continuity and then there is renewal, creation and reality;

12 We are not concerned with physical continuity. What we are primarily concerned about is whether through things there is psychological continuity;

13 When we feel pain we take immediate action to arrest it. We do not seem to take such psychological action with regard to property, which means we are not aware of what we are doing.

14 If we recognise we are blind, we would be careful and would not make any dogmatic assertion about anything.

15 As you do not like what you are, you seek continuity through property, relationship and ideas - which has led you to utter chaos and misery.

16 There is a revolution in thought when I know I am blind.

17 I think there is an art to listening.

18 ... the difficulty is that we do not know how to listen, how to see, and how to hear because when a thing that is said is new, we put it into old bottles, fit it into old terminologies and therefore we spoil it, like 'new wine put into old bottles'.

19 A truth that is repeated ceases to be a truth.

20 if we can understand 'becoming' and 'being', then perhaps we shall understand what happiness is.

21 Becoming is continuous and have you noticed that that which is continuous is always binding.

22 Is understanding to come through effort, or is there a state in which effort has ceased for understanding to be?

23 It is what it is.

24 ... the difficulty is to understand what is and a mind cannot understand what is, if it is distracted, if it is seeking something other than what is, if it is trying to transform what is into something else.

25 We have spent our days and our energies in transforming what is without understanding what is.

26 Introspection is a constant struggle to change what is, whereas awareness is the recognition of what is and therefore the understanding of what is.

27 the action of a man of introspection is residual, his action springs always from the residue of yesterday, whereas for the man of awareness there is no residual response.

28 ... if you really go into it very deeply you will see the extraordinary creative quality of being aware and the destructive quality of introspection.

29 Why do you believe and what is there to believe? Do you believe that you are alive? Do you believe that you hear?

30 ... to understand the immortal, the imperishable, we have to understand the ending which we call death.