Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

July 2014

01 If you know God as an idea or as a formula it cannot be real.

02 Surely death is as lovely as the real is, because both are the unknown, but a mind that is merely functioning within the known can never understand the unknown.

03 ... if we would understand anything, the immediate mind must be calm.

04 'How' immediately becomes the problem and therefore you are back again where you were.

05 When you are interested in something you listen to it.

06 To know that I have realized, you also must have realized.

07 You want something from me, knowledge, realization, or you want to keep company with me all of which indicates that you do not love.

08 Reality is not far, but we place it far away because we use it as a means to self-continuity

09 Because you are suffocated with so many erroneous ideas and beliefs, there is no immediate communication with one another.

10 When there is, on the part of one, the attitude of learning, and, on the part of the other, the attitude of teaching, communion really ceases;

11 A man who is merely teaching is not living any more than a man who is merely listening

12 We are used to being told or being directed; as such, I become the teacher, and you become the learner, which is really absurd.

13 We are here to find out what is reality, what is love, and not for me to tell you, and for you to follow.

14 [Experience] is always broken down to constitute a particular condition and therefore, there is never a complete action.

15 Accumulated memory is static. It has no life unless we inject new life into it, that is, by our recalling the memory, we revive it.

16 In the very telling of what God or Love is, we have put that into a small vessel, in our own vessels; and it is not Truth.

17 Viewing it realistically, we can see that we love our family because it gives us joy; we love that which gives us pleasure, that which brings us a reward.

18 We do not know what God is, what Death is, and what Love is.

19 The very recognition of the fact that we are hypocrites or exploiters will bring about an instantaneous change in our actions.

20 This is a self-revealing process, not of some metaphysical higher or superior self, but of the self which is working through you and me.

21 Self-knowledge as distinct from factual knowledge or the knowledge of a technique, is not a matter of learning from another;

22 Our whole social, economic and psychological structure is based on the desire for profit and gain, on pleasure and pain; that which is pleasurable we accept and that which is not pleasurable we reject.

23 As long as the mind is seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, there cannot be love.

24 It is no good discussing theoretically what love is. We can only start with what we know, i.e., by examining and becoming aware of "what is."

25 We give ourselves over to beauty and deny ugliness. That is, by the denial of vice, we become virtuous.

26 Why do we not realise that our pursuit of drunkenness, God or an ideal is only the pursuit of our escape from facing the actual, and therefore reduces us to a state of dullness and insensitivity?

27 In seeing the false as false, truth is perceived.

28 As practiced by most of us, meditation is an effort to do something of which you have already an outline, thus forcing the mind along a pre-determined channel.

29 Meditation is really the thinking out of each thought fully and completely so that you see the truth of that thought.

30 The desire to listen and the action of listening are two quite different states.

31 Where there is authority, you do not listen in the same manner as to someone who is talking with you in a friendly manner, and there is little communication.