Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

August 2014

01 The 'I' is non-existent without memory, its tendencies, gifts and so on, i.e. non-existent without continuity, the racial, the traditional, the past in conjunction with the now, the past flowing through the present to the future which is hope.

02 Why does the mind separate itself from the stream of continuity and say 'I remember'?

03 What is implied in thinking a thought through?

04 The problem is that I am only aware of factual memories and I am not aware of psychological memories.

05 Consciousness comes into being when there is friction, when I meet a response, when there is disharmony.

06 The pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain is consciousness.

07 As long as there is effort there is self-consciousness, and yet you say I must make effort to free myself from greed

08 The idea of loving everybody has very little meaning if you don't know how to love one, your child, your husband, your wife, your neighbour.

09 We know when we love somebody with all our being. It is surely a shattering experience because it implies a letting down of all barriers.

10 When the mind realises that thinking itself is a distraction it also realises the futility of thinking.

11 Is not knowledge different from understanding and does the mere accumulation of knowledge yield understanding?

12 The moment you approach another with the attitude of getting something profitable out of him, either financially or spiritually, surely you will cut off all communication.

13 As it is, our existence is pretty awful and merely to understand verbally what is being said and use it as a pattern to translate everyday existence will not bring about understanding.

14 I think we will understand the significance of life if we understood what it means to make an effort.

15 The moment of creation is not born of struggle.

16 A man who is truly content is the man who understands 'what is', gives the right significance to 'what is'.

17 As long as the psychological strife and struggle and battle are not understood, and the psychological overtones and currents are not overcome, the structure of society, however marvellously built is bound to crash, as has happened over and over again.

18 Surely virtue is not the denial of vice; virtue is only the recognition of vice.

19 It is only when we are not aware of exactly 'what is', that we make the effort to transform it.

20 The moment you are aware, which is neither to condemn nor justify, the moment you accept, look and observe what is, there is no effort; then the thing that you observe, that which is, that which you are aware of, has an extraordinary significance.

21 Life is movement, not continuity, and if we seek a conclusion or an answer, 'yes' or 'no' we are making life very small; and we want 'yes' or 'no' because our minds are small.

22 You will have understanding only when you consider the problem, when you accept it, look at it, become aware of its significance completely, and even love it.

23 Authority has bound us mentally and emotionally and therefore you are blinded and blocked there.

24 See what society has done to us - our education, our routine of business, the gathering of money, the performing of awful duties and so on. In all this, is there a sense of joy?

25 We do not know how to look at a tree, we merely talk about it.

26 If you go into this problem [of self-knowledge] and become aware of its significance you will see what it reveals and that is what I have just now shown - a series of imitations, a series of habits, a series of clouds, and memories.

27 A man who seeks truth must travel the uncharted seas; he has no harbours, he has no havens, he must go out to explore.

28 You need not worry about things that are beyond time.

29 If we really go into it, if we are aware of its significance, we will find that, that which is spiritual is timeless and therefore beyond our reach and therefore beyond continuity;

30 When we view cause apart from effect, there is an illusory time interval which leads us to the wrong conclusion and on this wrong conclusion all your philosophies are based.

31 Intellect is producing such havoc, degradation and misery, but that is not reason, it is merely intellectuality concerned only with the superficial, responding to the immediate challenge.