Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

September 2014

01 I mean by self-knowledge, not the mysterious, the hidden, the super-self, the higher self, the Atman or anything of that kind;

02 This idea that there is a super-self, is still part of thought and is therefore conditioned; therefore, the super-self cannot be superior to mind.

03 Essentially we believe in order to be secure, not to get lost in the wood, to have a lighthouse, to have a point towards which thought is culminating, progressing, focussing.

04 The end is of the same nature as the means; if you use wrong means, you create wrong ends.

05 Are we aware of the fact that we have belief?

06 Millions of people can be made, by modern propaganda, to believe in anything - as it has been proved over and over again - in war, in nationalism, in butchery, in calling themselves Mohammedans or Hindus and killing each other.

07 Belief has no importance whatsoever, it is just a marvellous escape.

08 In daily life there is constant strife in the individual, which wears out his mind.

09 We use belief as the most gratifying means to guide ourselves.

10 In belief is implied authority, an authority either imposed by a society, by a tradition, or the authority through experience in oneself, the authority of memory.

11 A man who is very firmly fixed in a belief is not pliable; and only that which is pliable, is enduring.

12 The more convictions you have the more enclosed you are.

13 God is something extraordinary and immeasurable; and it is fantastic to say that he speaks through somebody or is interested in any particular person.

14 If you want to understand the current you must detach yourself from the current.

15 How can we go far unless we understand what is near, the near being our relationship with ourselves and our neighbour, with family, etc.

16 It is very important to free the mind where it is, in your daily life, and to be aware of the words you use, the gestures, the attitudes, the motives, and the intentions.

17 To a man who is believing and seeks guidance, there is never a moment when there is an ending.

18 It will be a marvellous world when there is no preacher and the preached, when there is no teacher and the disciple. Then each person will be creative, each person will know the highest and live without craving for direction.

19 ... there is no meeting ground between you who are full of beliefs, ceremonies and rituals, and I who am without them.

20 I refuse to be your guide; I say "Look at your confusion", which you refuse. Therefore, there is no relationship between us.

21 Because I refuse to be your guide, you will go to somebody else; I am not in competition with the other Gurus, but I want you to be free.

22 You seek guidance because you do not understand the confusion, the misery, the strife, the pain, etc; and you believe that somebody else will help you to understand;

23 Beliefs throughout history have acted as a barrier between man and man, and any organization based on a belief must inevitably bring war between man and man as it has done over and over again.

24 All greatness, like love, comes to you. If you pursue love it will never come, but if you are open, still, not demanding, it will come.

25 If you begin to inquire, to be aware choicelessly of yourself in everything that you do, you will soon discover what extraordinary depths thought can plumb and how free this awareness is.

26 The relationship of two people creates society; society is not independent of you and me;

27 We talk about love, we talk about responsibility, duty, but there is really no love, and relationship is based on gratification, the effect of which we see in the present civilization.

28 As nationalism divides human beings, beliefs break up friendship and create animosity.

29 Have we evolved psychologically towards freedom and happiness?

30 Organised religion has never said that ambition is evil, but has always decried sex. Don't you see the implications?