Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

November 2014

01 If I want to understand what is, I must give my whole attention, my whole being to it and not be distracted by the opposites.

02 You bring a framework of references to a living feeling and thereby absorb the living feeling into time, which only strengthens memory, which is the I.

03 Is love also a response, a reaction not to be named and so left to wither?

04 The problem of duality, which your sacred books have said you must transcend, which all your life you have struggled to transcend but in which you are still caught, seems to me, fallacious.

05 If you have lost the critical ability to inquire, to find out, you will never discover what truth is.

06 When you have given yourself to somebody, whether it is your priest or a political leader or the man who says he is the Messiah or a messenger of God, you cease to feel, to think and as human beings you are non-existent.

07 Any positive approach to the unknown will make the unknown knowable and therefore that is not the Truth.

08 Question: You have talked of exploitation as being evil. Do you not also exploit?

09 Surely through knowledge you cannot find the Real.

10 Question: What is the difference between surrendering to the will of God and what you are saying about the acceptance of what is?

11 What is thinking?

12 I wonder how far you have been experimenting with what we have been discussing, namely, the problem of conflict and effort which brings about duality, the opposite, and the problem of terming a feeling.

13 If you are not naming a quality or terming a feeling, then the feeling dies away.

14 Should not a wise man be indifferent to flattery and insult?

15 If I am not a scoundrel and somebody calls me a scoundrel I want to find out, I want to discover whether he is correct.

16 You then realise that you are alone and you have to be alone if you seek Truth.

17 The purpose of meditation is to discover reality, not to hypnotize yourself about the reality.

18 It is obvious that when the mind suggests a superior entity, it is already the known entity. I do not know if you will see the implication in this.

19 The 'I' is the result of this pursuing and denying, and it is therefore a contradiction.

20 With regard to every subject, you are misinformed, you are badly educated and badly conditioned; and you try to interpret life through this misinformation.

21 To have right relationship, this barrier of psychological enclosure around each one of us has to be pulled down

22 What is thinking, what is the process of thinking?

23 Our thinking, which is the response to a challenge which is ever new, is always conditioned and therefore produces further conflict, further suffering and further pain.

24 Because your mind is very quiet and because it is confronted with a new problem, it is not asleep, but very alert and aware yet passive; it is not active because it does not know the answer, it is not even seeking an answer because it does not know.

25 Are we awake or partly awake, or are we asleep most of the time?

26 Question: I dream a great deal. Have dreams any significance?

27 When you yourself interpret the dream, who is the interpreter?

28 Is it possible for the conscious mind to be so alert, so passively aware during the day that all the intimations are translated as they arise?

29 If your approach is comprehensive, integrated, whole, then you will have an answer which is real.

30 The immediate can only be understood, if we understand the timeless.