Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

April 2015

01 Our responses are conditioned according to the pattern of society, whether it is Eastern or Western, religious or materialistic.

02 If you merely agree with me, you will make me your authority; but if you understand, you will cease to worship authority, because the problem is not a matter of substituting one authority for another, but of being creative.

03 We are going to examine and understand this problem together, which means you are not going to become the listeners, the observers, and I the one who answers.

04 Most of us are aware, are functioning, only within the superficial layers of consciousness.

05 The more one is alert, passively aware, the more one comprehends the deeper layers of consciousness; and I assure you, there is an extraordinary joy in it, in discovering, in fathoming one's whole being.

06 If we have answers to our various problems, the problems are never examined ... - which means, we are never directly in relationship with the problem because there is always an intervention between us and the problem in the shape of a conclusion, in the shape of a quotation or an answer.

07 Life is a challenge and a response; and when there is a challenge, which is always new, I respond according to my conditioning; but if I can meet the challenge without the conditioning - which is the answer, the conclusion, the quotation - then my mind, being fresh, is able to meet the challenge anew.

08 What makes one man interested, and another indifferent? What makes you not interested - that is the problem, not the indifference of another

09 Is it not important at all times, and especially during these critical days, to think very clearly and to know our feelings very intimately?

10 Surely, the responsibility for any crisis does not lie with another - it lies with you and me as individuals;

11 The desire to identify ourselves with something is obvious, is it not? Because, in oneself one is nothing, empty, shallow, petty;

12 Question: What are the real causes of Mahatma Gandhi's untimely death?

13 The fundamental issue really is whether human beings can exist in identified isolation;

14 When belief becomes stronger than affection, stronger than love, when belief is more important than humanity and your whole make-up is one of belief - whether belief in God or in an ideology, in communalism or in nationalism - , obviously you are the very cause of destruction.

15 We have an ideological future for which human beings are sacrificed: to save man we are killing man. And we are caught in that - you are caught in that.

16 When the intellect becomes supreme, you are bound to have disaster, because the heart is empty; so you fill it with words and the fabrications of the intellect.

17 Is it not true, Sir, that you as an individual have lost all sensitivity, all sense of real values and of the significance of existence?

18 Since it is extremely difficult and arduous to be aware, you spin out theories, you escape through property, through name and family, and all the rest of the absurdities which bring about destruction.

19 There is no such thing as inevitability, is there?

20 Circumstances can be controlled by us, because we have created the circumstances.

21 Society is the product of relationship, of yours and mine together.

22 ... the inevitability or the cessation of war depends upon us, upon you and me.

23 Question: Can we realize on the spot the truth that you are speaking of, without any previous preparation?

24 To understand a challenge, which is always new, I must also meet it anew, there must be no residue of yesterday; so, I must say adieu to yesterday.

25 To understand the truth of a problem, of a relationship, you must come to it afresh - not with an 'open mind', for that has no meaning.

26 Can one realize truth immediately, without preparation? I say yes - not out of some fancy of mine, not out of some illusion;

27 Only when you are directly in relationship with the problem, then you will find the answer.

28 Understanding is non-continuous, it is from moment to moment, unresidual.

29 The mind can deceive itself and fabricate anything it wishes.

30 That which is spirituality, truth, godliness, is beyond time; therefore it is not the continuity we know of as tomorrow and the future.