Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

Krishnamurti Quotes of the Day

September 2015

01 I say it is possible to transform completely now and not tomorrow.

02 Is it because you have been so long living with the cobra that you are immune to its poison?

03 Question: How do you find the true cause, not mere intellectualisation, of there being no immediate transformation?

04 To recognize that transformation is essential, I must not be self-contented. There must be real discontent.

05 Love is the only thing that transforms.

06 What is isolation? Are you not now isolated in your relationship with your wife, etc.? Do you know them? Is this not creating the mess in the world?

07 It is not possible to change all this. Firstly, you must see that you cannot do anything with all this.

08 I cannot understand myself if I am tethered to anything - property, idea or thing.

09 Contradiction is when I do not see clearly, when choice comes into action.

10 Question: Are we not always in daily life, if we are intelligent, making a choice?

11 Why do you want to give up something, for getting rid of fear or on seeing it as it is?

12 If you can transform intrinsically, then there is sure to be an immediate transformation, not superficially but deeply, in the relationship in your world.

13 Individual transformation alone will lead to other individuals transforming themselves and this will bring about a revolution in thought and therefore in action.

14 It is a fallacy to think that there can be no radical transformation in the world unless there is mass action.

15 You cannot call yourself a nationalist and at the same time talk of peace.

16 Contradiction is one of the hindrances to transformation as it will not allow any moment of full attention on something directly.

17 This finding of the whole meaning of what you do, is what is meant by being aware.

18 If you do not see any contradiction, it does not mean that there is no contradiction.

19 Attention is not exclusive. If I exclude, there is effort and effort leads to distortion.

20 Take any psychological problem. You always quote and get the screen between you and the problem. If the screen is removed, you see the problem clearly.

21 It is sufficient if you are aware even momentarily.

22 What is it that brings about a fundamental transformation?

23 Factual memory is the memory of technique, of facts. Psychological memory is the memory of self-expansive continuity - me, mine, my house, my family - the accumulating factor, gathering, sustaining itself.

24 The mind is still when it does not want a conclusion, when it is not seeking an answer.

25 Question: Supposing a man has no factual memory. Can he discover?

26 Stillness is not the stillness of death. It is passive alertness.

27 Stillness is not the stillness of death. It is passive alertness

28 Question: Is not having a problem a process of thinking?

29 Experiencing is not a state of thinking.

30 Question: Learning and studying, is it thinking process or something different?