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Kinfonet Bulletin - Focus on the KFA : March, 2012

March 2012

“I think it is important to understand that freedom is at the beginning and not at the end. We think freedom is something to be achieved, that liberation is an ideal state of mind to be gradually attained through time, through various practices; but to me, this is a totally wrong approach. Freedom is not to be achieved; liberation is not a thing to be gained. Freedom, or liberation, is that state of mind which is essential for the discovery of any truth, any reality; therefore, it cannot be an ideal; it must exist right from the beginning. Without freedom at the beginning, there can be no moments of direct understanding because all thinking is then limited, conditioned. If your mind is tethered to any conclusion, to any experience, to any form of knowledge or belief, it is not free; and such a mind cannot possibly perceive what is truth.” - Krishnamurti

Greetings from the Krishnamurti Foundation of America

Lately, we have been asking questions about freedom. What is intellectual freedom? What would this freedom be like? What would it mean? How can we approach freedom? Somehow this place of freedom is a space open for exploration, open to questions, and is free from fear and projection. Approaching Freedom is the theme of this year’s May Gathering - May 5-6 at the Krishnamurti Educational Center.

Approaching Freedom

An open gathering with speakers, music, art, and video

We invite you to our Annual Gathering, May 5th and 6th, 2012, taking place at the Krishnamurti Educational Center (KEC) in Ojai. Friends both local and from across the United States come to listen to speakers, participate in discussions and dialogues, attend workshops, and simply hang out with friends old and new. The majority of the offerings will take place at the KEC campus, K’s former home.

Parallel Programming

Several talks and workshops occur simultaneously, offering playful choices for children and young people, as well as events more scholarly in nature.

Logistics and Times

The main part of the program takes place on Saturday and Sunday, with lunch provided both days on the KEC campus. Hotel shuttle service is available to take you to and from your hotel. For those on a budget, local hosts and inexpensive hotels are available.

Visit: for detailed information.

To Simply Attend
  To Simply Attend - Oak Grove’s latest video on the life of the school.
  Oak Grove alumna Juna Muller on the value of silence in the school curriculum.
Oak Grove School’s Blog
  Join the Dialogue on Education - Oak Grove School’s Blog is a growing collection of articles, videos, and links on the dynamic approach of the campus. Topics include compassion in early childhood, project-based learning, inquiry, and much more. Click here to visit the resource.
Re-envisioning Education: The Craft of Teaching & Learning

The Ojai Teacher Education Program - A 9-day program for educators - June 22nd - July 1st. Starting with the questions that we grapple with in our daily lives as educators, the program builds on the insights participants come to from their own deep looking and shared inquiry during the program. We shift from seeking answers to finding key questions that transform the way we see (and respond to) our educational challenges. Click here for full details, video, and registration information.

Essential Themes - Weekly Video

For several years we searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear when speaking about a particular theme; Conditioning, The Sacred, Love, Relationship, Conflict, Choiceless Awareness, Meditation and many others. After gathering many we selected five, five to six minute moments on twelve essential themes, sixty in all. These have been prepared to share with you and people like you around the world, one each week for over a year and beyond. Click here to receive weekly video quotes in your email.

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Oak Grove School

The Pepper Tree Retreat

Intern Student Program

The Intern Student program at the KEC is a one-year residential program aimed for young adults who, after having finished High School or University, want to explore the question “Who am I?” in a communal setting. This immersion program is for adults from 18-30 years of age who have a strong interest in the works of Krishnamurti. Part of the program this year will be to build the intern housing as we kick off this initiative. Click here for full information.

Think of These Things - Asking Questions

Questions like Can you live your life comparing yourself to nobody? and Is it possible to live without fear? have the possibility to stop the mind for a moment in its habitual movement and that this creates space to look afresh at who one is. Our aim is to bring about these moments that create the space necessary for a deeper self-inquiry, which has the potential for a creative step in the understanding of oneself. We are extending challenging questions to young adults and filming their response. We want to engage the viewer in these questions and create a community of explorers. Click here to visit the Facebook page.