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Murren Gathering 2011 : July, 2011

2011 Krishnamurti Gatherings in Switzerland

Parent Children Education Week, July 22-29 International Krishnamurti Gathering, July 29 - Aug 12 Young People's Retreat, Aug 12-18


2011 Krishnamurti Gathering

This year will mark the 26th year that the International Krishnamurti Gathering has been held in Switzerland since Krishnamurti's death. The main purpose of the gathering is to provide close and informal contact between people interested in deepening their understanding of Krishnamurti´s teachings.

Krishnamurti started the original Saanen Gatherings in 1961 and, every summer from then until 1985, his talks and dialogues there drew large and widely international attendances.

It was Krishnamurti's idea to call the meetings 'Gatherings' as this title reflected the informal, friendly and expansive background of the talks and dialogues, which in themselves, of course, were deeply serious. The intent was for people to be able to relax and walk and talk with each other between the meetings in beautiful surroundings, which offered physical as well as spiritual refreshment.


Is it that you are concerned with your life, the way you are living it, the problems that you have ... and that you expect someone to tell you how to examine, what to do? Is that the reason you are here? Or is it that one wants to see what one actually is as we are sitting here, examine that very closely and see if we can go beyond it - is that the reason?


The moment you are conscious that you are empty, hollow, there is tremendous conflict taking place. In that moment of conflict you are discovering, as you move along, the significance of experience - the standards, the values of society, of religion, of the conditions placed upon you. Instead of covering up emptiness, there is a depth of intelligence. Then you are never lonely even if you are by yourself or with a huge crowd, then there is no such thing as emptiness, shallowness.


SCHEDULE Our 3 programmes


Parent Children Education Week

This year's Parent And Children Education Week will take place at Chalet Alpenblick in Gstaad. This year is unique because activities have been designed to involve the children as well.
Here are some some impressions from previous attendeees. Read More ...

International Krishnamurti Gathering

In Hôtel Sport Chalet - Mürren above Lauterbrunnen near Interlaken, Switzerland. Reachable by cable car only – altitude 1650 metres. In addition to daily dialogues and video showings of Krishnamurti’s talks, there is ample opportunity for solitude, to meet informally, and to enjoy the lovely rural setting.
The general themes for this year will be "The Awakening of Intelligence" and "What is a Religious Mind?" Read More ...

Young People's Mountain Retreat

Gary Primrose from England, as well as Gopal and Susan from India and America, who are all involved in exploring new ways of observing, teaching, and relating along Krishnamurti lines, will make themselves avaibable for discussion. The retreat will take place in a mountain setting in Bourg Saint Pierre, Valais. Read More ...


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