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Special JKO Edition : November, 2011

3 November 2011
Dear readers,

In 2009, the international Krishnamurti Foundations came together to create a website dedicated to making the teachings of J. Krishnamurti available for free. It is called J. Krishnamurti Online and it is a work in progress.

The internet address is

This was a major decision because making so much material available for free meant compromising one of the Foundations’ main sources of financial income. Despite this, the need to make it available worldwide was apparent and the opportunity was too great given the ubiquity that the internet offers.

This issue of the Kinfonet Bulletin will be fully dedicated to this powerful initiative, walking you through the website and all the features it offers.

 What can you find at

A collection of almost 2000 texts, many verbatim.

Krishnamurti travelled extensively, giving public talks and holding discussions in dozens of places, from major cities to small rural towns in India. These were published every year as 'Verbatim Reports', starting from July 1933 and continuing until 1967. Stenographed and shorthand reports are included in this website along with many transcribed recordings and you can access them either by searching for particular topics or by reading complete books.

Hundreds of High Quality Videos and Audios

J. Krishnamurti Online houses films and documentaries, public talks, conversations and dialogues. While you watch or listen, you can also follow what is said by reading the corresponding transcript. A new video is uploaded every two weeks. Browse through the the list of videos or sample the collection of audio recordings.

An archive of edited quotations, searchable by word or by theme.

Every day a new quotation is posted on the home page and sent by email to subscribers. It is then archived. This archive is searchable; which is useful for finding shorter passages for yourself or to share with friends. Visit the Daily Quote Archive

'My Account': a personal bookmarking system

In this section you can create an account which enables you to save your favourite texts, videos and audios, so that you can return to them later. Create your personal Account

 Daily Quote

Have you ever thought about it? We want to be famous as a writer, as a poet, as a painter, as a politician, as a singer, or what you will. Why? Because we really don't love what we are doing. If you loved to sing, or to paint, or to write poems, if you really loved it you would not be concerned with whether you are famous or not. To want to be famous is tawdry, trivial, stupid, it has no meaning; Continue reading…

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 Featured Videos

Krishnamurti on Freedom

An Introduction to the Teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti, available for free download on JKO Store.

Subtitles available in: Chinese, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Slovenian, Spanish, Vietnamese.

The Challenge of Change

A biographical film on J. Krishnamurti.

Subtitles available in Arabic, Chinese, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese.

Watch The Challenge of Change…

 JKO Appeal for funds

If you can help

The Krishnamurti Foundation is a charity. We do not exist to make a profit. Yet it costs money to digitize the material, prepare it for online publication and maintain the website. We are halfway towards meeting our financial needs and we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of those who have generously responded to our appeal.

But we need more help. Almost 40,000 people visit the site every month to watch a video, read a text, or listen to a talk, and a donation of just $1 from each one of us would be sufficient to keep the website running.

Please contribute whatever you can easily afford, so that we can continue to bring Krishnamurti to as wide an audience as possible. We think it’s important! Thank you.

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