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zappw edwin

saalhofstrasse 5
salzburg, , Salzburg, 50 20

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  • Krishnamurti library
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I am Prof. Edwin Zappe from Austria, and contacted your wonderful center last year, and was invited to come.
I am very lucky, because I had the chance to visit Brockwoodpark various times and I even spoke with Krishnamurti. At that time I lived in Cairo, teaching English in a German school. Every month friends and I met to read Krishnamurti, the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Koran and Buddha’s Dhammapada. It was a fascinating meeting with many interactions and opinion sharing.
Eleven years ago I visited Rajgat and asked if I could stay and interact with students-the reply was “yes”; but before I returned to India I got an e-mail that the principal who had invited me to come, got a sabbatical year and he won’t be there. Thus I did not go.
I am now 78, but according to an Ayurvedic doctor- friend fifteen years younger, because I regularly do 40 minutes health exercises and 30 minutes meditation each day.Below my visiting card:

• I have talked/lectured in 21 countries: Austria, England, Switzerland, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Bali, the Philippines, Spain, Ukraine and Nepal and was a teacher in Austria, England, Turkey and Egypt. My topics:
Unity and Peace; How to teach English Holistically? Value Education - Moral Education; The Fascination of Asia and of the Arab world (Islam); Indian, Chinese, Western and Arab Culture: A Short Introduction to a Fascinating Topic. Global Communication (L. unus = one, munus = obligation); The Fascination of Etymology (the root of words). Am I a World Citizen? And my most recent talk: HHH (Harmony, Happiness, Health), and Global Communication. All talks are from an: inter-disciplinary, inter-religious, inter-linguistic and inter-cultural point of view (in all humility). No lecturing fees are asked. I am totally independent. Dec. 2017.

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