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It is not easy to understand, how inpermanent we are.
How have all religions played with our desire for permanence.
Is my physical body permanent?, my ideologies? My nationalism?
It is very important for me to understand the real meaning of permanency. What I write will, after some years, be referent to someone non existing any more.
I am trying to face the unavoidable disparition of my "me", in a short span of time, devoid of any personal feeling, as a matter of fact as possible.
If we were all conscious of this fact, no more criminality would exist, because all accumulation is meaningless after a short period of time. All our leaves fade and disappear rather soon, and we are unable to think about our naked ME!

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The flight of the eagle. On nature and the environment. A timeless spring. Beginnings of learning. The network of thought. That benediction is where you are. Questions and answers (Relaciones sin conflicto).


The legend of Budda.

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Truth, friendship and love Nature All living things

Interview Answers

Do you ever feel that you have been conditioned by Krishnamurti's teachings?

Not really. We are conditioned as far as we are not able to distinguish and decide by ourselves. Used to the old idea of a saviour that will come and solve all our problems. It is a nice idea, but not real. What we need is freedom. Something that no body can give to us. And to be free we must take all responsability on our own shoulders, not prone to suffer anybodys influence. Then, perhaps, we can be in touch with the rest of humanity, in a non competitive way, and stablish a real partnership, a cooperation with no pretention. Then, broderhoot is possible.

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Has coming into contact with Krishnamurti and his teachings had any perceptible effect on your life and/or relationships?

Of course, he has been a light that has changed all my views and expectations. Now I can no more share the nonsenses of our society: Nationalism and all the rest of it. Religion will never be the same to me. Now I know that no organised religion has any value, and it is not related to the truth. Based on greediness, they can only increased the gap betwween humans, and promote wars.
To be able to cooperate we must discover what is it that we have in common, not the superficial differences that can exist.

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Can dialogue - in the sense of sincere inquiry - be organized or can it only come about spontaneously, unprompted?

A certain degree of organization is necessary, but the real problem is AUTHORITY. As soon as there is a group of people which try to impose their views as the right ones, then cooperation is no more possible.

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Do you think it is possible to make Krishnamurti more "practicable" than what he himself seems to have allowed for?

It would be pretentious, is not it? No goal, no becoming, no hierarchi, no pretention, can be helpful. Many people work on behalv of some organisations that try to keep everithing under their control. That's evil, and must be carefully avoided if we want to preserve the good sense of the teachings for the oncoming generations.

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How do you personally go about exploring the Krishnamurti's teachings (through personal study, dialogues, dvds)?

If you are deeply interested, you use all means at your disposal, to increase yous grasp of reality. Personal study is mandatory, but dialogs and all kind of relationship is very helpful to increase our perception of the truth.

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Does the phrase "living the teachings" have any meaning to you?

Understanding has the power to transform you. Then you are no more the same as before. In your life, you put, inevitably in practice what you have understood, if anything.

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Do you think it advisable to introduce Krishnamurti to people you know? Have you ever done it and if yes, what are your experiences?

If we are sincere, we transpirate what we think, but, if we love someone, we will never impose our views. It must be only the outproduct of a good relationship, without the shadow of domination or imposition.

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What future do you foresee for Krishnamurti's works? Do you think they will grow in importance or will they just gradually die away?

It depends completely on us. If we care and are sensitive and sensible, the message will grow and cause a significant change in society. If we take it just as a fashionable thing, but we don't carve seriously in the real meaning of it all, it will rapidly fade and dye, and so will do our society.

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Do you think Krishnamurti was exceptional, or is the transformation he spoke of universally accessible?

K. was exceptional in the sense that ther is no one else like him, but not in the sense of been privileged as the son of God or any other silly believe. We have all the same possibilities if we behave in a similar way. So, all of us can do the same, as far as we are able to have a clear perception, and care. Love, or care if you prefer, is the real clue for human flowering.

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If you had to sum up what Krishnamurti is all about in just a few words of your own, what would they be?

He has given us an example of what a human been can do, using his intelligence and care. It is an explosion that is no more limited by our self-expectations, hopes, fears and desires. Just love is the driver and there are no limits when thought is absent.

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How do you strike a balance between healthy doubt and ready acceptance in investigating Krishnamurti's proposals?

Acceptance is the product of the lack of intelligence. To keep alive our doubting capacity is a must, without the estupid assertion of endless denial.

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How important do you consider group dialogue to be in understanding the more subtle points of Krishnamurti's message?

It is important as it offers as the possibility of puting our views in contrast with the views of other people.

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Are there any aspects of Krishnamurti's teaching that you find implausible or difficult to accept?

No one

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