Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening


Knocking at the Open Door: My Years with J. Krishnamurti

An insightful, revelatory and heartfelt narrative that bring out various unknown facets of the ‘world teacher’– J. Krishnamurti – and highlights his distinctive vision for education worldwide… This volume presents an eyewitness account of the practical and everyday relations of the Mark Lee with Krishnamurti (1895–1986) who was a prolific author as well as a renowned ... more details

A Jewel on a Silver Platter - Remembering Jiddu Krishnamurti

This book gives an intimate portrayal of the philosopher sage Jiddu Krishnamurti by several of his colleagues who knew him over many decades and interacted with him closely. It reveals several aspects of the man and investigates his teachings in depth. The author, Professo... more details

In the Presence of Krishnamurti - The Memoirs of Mary Zimblist

In The Presence of Krishnamurti is a project to present Mary Zimbalist's memoirs of her time with J. Krishnamurti as recounted to me, Scott H. Forbes. The material is available as a subscription service from Mary first met Krishnamurti in 1944, and then not again until 1963. In 1964, she started to do small things for him, a... more details